New & Improved Query Letter

Okay, here’s the latest version, from only Alexandria’s Point of View.

Normal sixteen years old kids can’t wait to leave home.  Foster child and college graduate Alexandria Houston dreams of finding a place to finally call home.

At sixteen, the likelihood of finding a family has all but passed her by.  The offer of a roof over her head instead of the streets for a bed drags Alexandria into a game of chess between an ATF agent and Hans Zeidrich, the leader of a West Texas militia.  She arrives at the compound as Margaret Loving, with orders to spy on Hans and his son.

Alexandria finds something she didn’t expect; the unconditional love of a father.  Torn between a budding love for Hans, her feelings of unworthiness and fears of being discovered, Alexandria wonders where she really belongs.  The final piece of the puzzle falls into place when Alexandria is poisoned and Hans doesn’t leave her side.  Alexandria is home.

Life on a militia isn’t perfect, but Alexandria is living her dream.  In her mind she just needs Hans’ son’s acceptance.  Unfortunately, that’s not her only problem.  The ATF agent is still out there; upset she’s turned on him.  Poisoning was just his first move.

(Novel Name Redacted) is a 76,000 word commercial fiction.  It has series potential, exploring the family dynamics of a neo-Nazi leader and how his actions and beliefs affect Alexandria’s life.

Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Your turn!  Tell me what you think!


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