New Page: ANT’s QT

It went live last week, but at the top of the blog you’ll see a new page called “ANT’s QT.”  What is ANT’s QTANT’s QT stands for Amanda Nicole Trisdale’s Query Tracker.  (Cute, huh?)  On ANT’s QT y’all will find a list of how many queries I’ve sent.  You’ll see the number of rejections I get, plus the numbers of no-responses, partial requests and full requests.

I’ve added the hard number of rejections from the last manuscript.  Just assume we’re also gonna add the rejections from this round into a grand total of rejections.  Because, Lumpy (my husband) said I must get 250 rejections if I wanna be a best-seller.  If you find yourself curious as to where we are in obtaining that number (or proving the man wrong), just head over to ANT’s QT.

And, no, you won’t find agents’ names or numbers.  The numbers are for posts, and the names aren’t ever gonna be revealed.  I don’t wanna anger any potential agent.  Agents get kinda finky when they think they might show up on your blog.  Or if they think you’re really just using the query process as a way to get yourself noticed for another project.

Feel free to check in at ANT’s QT to see where I am at the moment.  It’ll be updated as soon as I have new numbers, so you’ll never know what you’ll find.



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