Bi-Weekly Query Update 11 April

Where are we?  Because y’all are so curious about this journey.  (Or, I’m just gonna tell you anyways.)

We (I) have sent out 12 queries!  Yep, that’s a lot, but two were sent before I really started querying.

We (I) have sent 10 electronic queries and 2 snail mail queries.  Next week we send nothing since it’s the off week.

There have been 4 rejections.

We (I) have gotten 0 partial requests.

We (I) have 0 full requests.

We (BR & I) are still working on revisions, because a manuscript is always in revisions until it is published.

I’m working on three other projects.  (Yep, I like to multi-task.)  BR is working on Chapter 4.

I’m still pregnant and going to way too many doctor appointments.  And getting blood shots isn’t that big of a deal anymore, but trying to locate blood bags seems to be a huge mess.  Ah, the joys of being O and severely anemic.

There’s your bi-weekly update for this the week of April 11, 2011.


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