Let the Rejection Begin!

The first rejection showed up at 11:11PM Wednesday.  The next one showed up at 12:45PM yesterday.  It stings.  It really stings.  Granted, these agents didn’t see anything other than a query letter.  Just 250 words convinced these agents they can’t sale my work.  And truth be told, I want an agent who loves my work as much as I love my work.

If in 250 words (that don’t actually appear in the manuscript) an agent decides they don’t like my idea, then in reality I really don’t want them selling the manuscript.  I mean, they are more likely gonna sale my manuscript if they love it than if they hate it or are just sorta intrigued by the idea.

All of this means I have reworked my query letter.  I mean, agents are rejecting me before their usual timeframe.  My query letter must be horrible.  (Or I just have no self-worth!)  Anywho, I spent a few hours on Thursday working on the query letter.  The letter that won in the original poll was neither query letters.  But, the three rejections I’ve received have one thing in common.  They are all from agents I sent Letter B.  So, my plan is throw out Letter B.  Obviously, it didn’t work well.  Letter B shall be replaced with Letter C.

A new query letter written, and a few days for editing.  I’m not sending new queries out until April 18.  Between now and then I can wait and see what other agents thought of the query letter.  Like everyone didn’t see this one coming.

And while my queries go out to agents, I’ll work on the next few books.  Book Two is done.  Book Three is close to finished, just another 20,000 words or so.  Book Four is taking my attention at the moment.  Why?  Books One – Three were one book way back when.  They make a great trilogy, and they can stand alone, but Book Two and Book Three are semi-dependent on Book One.

While Book Four continues the story, it starts a new chapter in Alexandria’s life.  So, the 57,000 words of the fourth manuscript have my attention at the moment.  If, for some reason, I can’t find an agent in the 81 agents I’ve targeted, I’ll pull out Book Four as the next step.  Besides, Book Four has more intrigue.  Books One – Three kind of set up the whole thing before Book Four goes off like wildfire.  We start with a death sentence scene and things just get more exciting!

I figure around September would be the time for the switch.  I’d continue querying Book One, and BR can read Book Four.  Book Four will be queried in January, if Book One hasn’t landed anywhere.

And really, we all know that Book One will find an agent.  So, the plans for Book Four are just gonna be shelved and never needed.  Right?  A few fixes to the query letter, and the next round of queries on April 18th will go so much better.  Besides, it’s only been 3 rejections.  I still have agents to annoy with my query letters!



5 thoughts on “Let the Rejection Begin!

  1. That’s rough. Good luck continuing the good fight though! You have gotten through the hard part, at least as far as I’m concerned, and that is actually committing to a novel and seeing it through to the end.

  2. Rejections ouch, I know. Look at like, this is just business and keep moving forward. Oh my heavens, you have nearly four books completed in your series. Just think, once you find that one agent who wants to snag you up then you’ll have a whole series for the agent to represent and how cool is that? It’s marvelously cool. Be sure to query my agent, if you haven’t already. She’s sold several books last year for a small agency. My fingers and toes are crossed for you not to mention an abundant of prayers going up on your behalf. Have an awesome weekend!

    • Well, if you count the prequel series, I’ve got seven books. The first in the prequel series needs an overhaul, but the other two just need revisions. What can I say? I love writing! I can’t stop writing! Once I finish this series (and I’ve already got it planned how it ends) then I’ll start a new book or series. I’ve got that one laid out, too. 😉

      I’ll put your agent in my query list. I keep adding agents this time. Thanks for the crossed fingers and prayers.

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