I’m A Dreamer

Yesterday was jammed packed.  There was Ammo and his surgery appointment.  There were a couple of doctor visits due to someone not wearing shoes on Tuesday and a doctor who thought that was stupid while pregnant.

Plus, there is this small problem of the “budget.”  It seems the country doesn’t run without one.  And while I usually stay as far from the budget as possible, it seems this year is “All Hands on Board!”  Luckily I don’t deal with the whole cutting things.  Unfortunately I get the calls that go “If we cut X dollars from Y program, what does that do to my reelection efforts?”  My phone and my email were on fire Tuesday and yesterday with those questions.  And everyone wanted answers immediately.  (Usually, if you must ask such a question the answer is a resounding “It’ll hurt your reelection!”)

You do realize that with a day that packed I just knew I’d get emails from agents.  Stuck somewhere in a pile of emails from Congressional staff and Senate staff, along with their bosses, I just knew that Wednesday would be the day.  I knew I’d get an email while I was getting my ultrasound, with some tech getting upset that I had to stop and respond.  (Agent?  Tech?  Um, agent wins out!)  I could see the email arriving as I was signing Ammo into the vet.  At which point the agent could wait.  (Greyhound comes first!)  Since I looked at my calendar on Sunday evening I knew Wednesday was the day.  The day I either received a pile of rejections, or more specifically, the day I got a partial request on the new manuscript.

I mean, seriously, could you see a better day for the arrival of emails?  Especially a request for a partial of the new manuscript while I’m nowhere near my laptop?  For the better part of the week I knew that the partial for the manuscript would come on Wednesday.  I checked the agents and their usual response time.

Agent 14 takes roughly 10 days to request materials.  Agent 7 takes roughly 15 days to send a rejection.  (Query Tracker didn’t have any info on positive responses via email, since Agent 7 just started accepting e-queries.)  Agent 8 takes roughly 20 days to request materials, though Agent 7 has taken up to 60 days.  Agent 10 takes roughly 3 days, though Agent 10 did request materials from some after 481 days according to Query Tracker.  Agent 5 takes roughly 4 days for queries Agent 5 likes.  Agent 17 takes roughly 7 days.  Agent 19 takes roughly 5 days.  Agent 42 (numbers were assigned randomly) takes roughly 60 days.

The other two were snail mail, so they don’t even have the query yet!

Yeah, and I was convinced that Wednesday would arrive with emails from agents.  Um, yeah, I’m a dreamer.  I even double checked the time frames Tuesday afternoon.  Still convinced my first partial request from this manuscript would show up yesterday.  Agent 5 might be a likely candidate, but the rest?  Yep, not a lot of chances that would happen.  Yet, I still thought I’d get a couple of rejections and a partial request yesterday.

I was convinced enough that my phone suddenly got a bunch of files on its drive.  Being out and about when I realize I need a file wasn’t gonna happen.  Nope, all possible requests for partials were placed on my phone.  I double-checked before I walked out the door that I could send the files from the phone to a computer without losing formatting.  Everything worked fine.  I was ready for anything!

Guess what happened?  Uh huh, you guessed it!  I heard crickets.  (Actually, I heard my mutt whimpering because she was left all alone, but that’s another thing completely.)  Anywho, I should have expected crickets.  It’s what I should have known would happen.  It bummed me out, but I know that’s what should have happened.  Besides, it was only two days, and none of the agents had two day turnarounds.  (Hey, they are only human, contrary to popular belief.  They aren’t superheroes.)


2 thoughts on “I’m A Dreamer

  1. How can one woman cram so much into one day? There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. We all have to dream to reach our dreams, right? Keep it up, you’re actually a step closer than you realize.

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