Without Shoes April 5, 2011: My Experience

Welcome to my wrap-up of the 2011 One Day Without Shoes worldwide event started by TOMS shoes.  This is a vlog/pictures/words blog post.  I’m not great at vloging, but I figure this is one time video is better than words.  And a picture is worth a thousand words.

The only issue with participating this year is my enlarging gut.  I asked the doctor, and after some back and forth we came up with exactly what I could and couldn’t do.  No gas stations!  Take along a pair of sandals and if it got too bad, wear the sandals.  If I cut my foot I had to go directly to the doctor.  Any fevers, nasuea, headaches, lower gut problems, and a list of things that might just be pregnancy related and I was ordered to pick up the phone and call the doctor!  Oh, and my feet were to be washed with an abrasive soap, an anti-aging abrasive soap, body wash, and normal soap as soon as I walked back in my house.  I’m surprised I didn’t have to wash my feet after each stop!  Oh well!

Like each year the day started off with excitement.  It’s here!  No shoes and a chance to spread the word about the fact shoes are really important.

My foot looked nice, and I turned a bracelet into an anklet for the time out of the house.

See?  Excited!

That excitement usually lasts until the moment one of my bare feet steps outside the protective environment of a building.  Stepping outside the house is usually no big deal.  All those twigs and dirt is just stuff under my boots.  Yeah, not so much without shoes.

Then came the parking lot at Starbucks.  Luckily the sidewalk is right by the parking spaces.

Of course, after that I had errands to run.  Off to PetSmart!

And the stuff on my foot after I got back into the car.  It’s not very cool

Then Toucan, our local health food store

After that, it was back home, thankfully!  My feet looked horrible by time I walked in the door, but they weren’t as bad as last year.

So, what did I learn?  Well, let me actually tell you, from the bed I’m supposed to be in at all times.

I’m horrible at vlogging, but I’m can’t find the words that express what I feel after errands without shoes.  And I am a writer, or so I claim.  I should have the words.  While my doctor was worried about diseases I could get, all of them are easily curable in the USA.  Not so much in a Developing Country where people walk for miles for clean water, and even further for medical care.  If I get symptoms of anything, I can hop in my car and drive to the doctor’s office for care.  My feet were icky, but I could come home and wash the gunk off before it had a chance to seep into my skin.  My skin was cracked, but I could put lotion on the bottom of my feet.

Okay, off my soapbox about shoes for a year.  Next year I’ll just link to all these posts and run one about my experience.  Though my kid will wear shoes until they are double digits.  But, hopefully by then shoes will be everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Without Shoes April 5, 2011: My Experience

  1. Wow, I never knew this! I thought the worse thing that could happen is you get a bee sting between your toes or stub your toe or cut your heel. But, diseases that filter through your skin poisoning your body. Ooooo, not good! Well, this will cause me think twice before venturing outdoors without shoes. I need to tell my DD #2 about this who is notorious about going barefoot everywhere. Oh wait, she’s still has this notion in her head that she knows everything already. lol Hmmm, okay I won’t let that stop me from telling her anyhow. It never has stopped me before. =D

    • Kinda explains why I’m so into the whole shoe thing, doesn’t it? 😉 My jaw dropped the first time I saw the list of diseases and pictures of people with some of the diseases. The idea that their are kids who don’t get a choice – who have to live with the odds of catching one of these diseases – is just heartbreaking.

      You should send your DD#2 the link to ODWS or TOMS. Both websites might change her mind about how cool shoes are. The gang at TOMS explain things way better than I can.

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