Best Laid Plans…

The plan was for all my little query letters to start their journeys today.  Agents were targeted, and I had the snail mail letters ready for my mail carrier.  Then it happened.  The greyhound got sick.  See how pathetic he looks in this picture?  This is from Sunday, one day after our emergency vet trip.

A Very Sick Greyhound
Poor Ammo One Day After the Emergency Vet Visit

Yeah, sad and pathetic split a tooth Saturday morning.  You’ll never guess where we spent a good portion of Saturday morning?  Without me eating beforehand?  Because my little greyhound was hurting, and he rarely shows pain like this.  (Former athlete syndrome does also affect animals.  And Ammo used to be the top dog on the track.)

Anywho, this trip, plus the one into town for cheese so I could hide antibiotics from Mister Picky, meant little ol’ “I’m On Bed Rest” me was a bit exhausted Saturday afternoon.  I might have finally eaten breakfast around 3:00PM and collapsed into bed.  The Final Four seemed like a great idea.  The two dogs thought so, too.  All three of us spent the rest of Saturday in bed with basketball.

Ammo, Jet & Me in Bed
All of us trying to find room on the bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and remembered that queries went out today!  Oops!  The problem?  I haven’t created templates for agents requesting some material with the initial query letter.  Since I’m too cheap, I haven’t bought Outlook yet.  (It didn’t come in the Military Appreciation Version of Office 2010, and costs $79 to upgrade.)  Anywho, that means I must cut and paste the pages.  Then I have to enter the usual extra line between paragraphs, make sure the italics copied over, double check that all “quotation marks” look right and didn’t somehow get placed in the wrong locations, indent each and ever paragraph and it takes a few hours for the first three chapters.

Did I mention Ammo looks like this?  Even on heavy antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds?

Another picture of the sick greyhound

And with Lumpy (my husband) gone, his dog, Jet, has moved oh so far from the front door.  She’s been practically in the same position since Friday morning.  He put his laptop in his car, and she plopped down at the front door.  At least her nose isn’t touching the door anymore.

Jet waiting for Lumpy's return

Well, Jet did move when Ammo and I came back from the vet.  Suddenly, she was in bed with us, under my back and on Ammo’s long legs.  (We got it all figured out so we were all comfortable.)  But by time the sun went down she was back at her vigil.  Even treats won’t get Jet away from where she knows Lumpy will walk in.  Every car gets her attention.  Her little terrier shaped ears go up in the air until she realizes it isn’t the right engine.  Then little brown eyes fill with tears.  It’s kinda sad.  And, yes, as far as Jet is concerned I’m not nearly as cool as Lumpy, so she’ll wait there a few more days with hopes this isn’t a long-term TDY (temporary duty.)

Making templates for queries didn’t seem as important as the dogs Sunday.  I popped popcorn and made some wanton chips.  (I know, great for the dog with the split tooth, but he used his other side to chew.  And they both love air popped plain popcorn, which is actually good for dogs.)  We streamed a couple of movies on the living room television.  Ammo and I fought over the sofa while Jet watched from the front door.  And we just relaxed until the wind kicked up, and Jet hid under my nightstand.  (First thing I’m purchasing when I become a best-selling author is a dog house nightstand for Jet.  Lumpy agrees!)

So, new plan!  Here’s what it is: all agents that were gonna get query letters from me this week but requested samples of my writing are now being pushed to 18 April.  A couple of agents scheduled for the 18th suddenly found themselves moved to today.  The partials are ready, but the template isn’t gonna be ready for another couple of days.  (It might be after the sick Ammo has surgery on Wednesday.)

Now to pill one dog and lift the nightstand off another…


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