Accidental Post

Anyone who saw the accidental partial request post that went live for a few minutes today, that’s for THE EARLY YEARS.  I’m not sure what’s up, but an agent asked to see pages from the book I tabled.  We’ll see how it goes, but it does go to show you query letters can get responses months after you send them.  The project was queried in August of last year, and said agent just got back to me.  (How many months has it been?)

I really think THE EARLY YEARS has issues, so I don’t expect anything to come out of this one.  But, maybe I can get the agent to look at the latest manuscript!  Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Accidental Post

  1. I like your new layout. Are you still using WordPress? Thanks for dropping by my blog. I wanted to answer your question about TobyMac for you. I don’t know if he’s actually in the Christian rock class or not, but it kindda sounds like a cross between hip hop and rock or at least what little I listened to. So….I just placed him under the Christian Rock class today for my blog post. Take care!

    • Thanks! I’m still sorta on WP. WP does all of the hard work, including taking care of the posts and the email subscriptions.

      I haven’t listened to TobyMac since dcTalk broke up, and their last record was more alternative rock/rap, so it wouldn’t shock me if TobyMac went completely rock. It’s been over a decade. That was my youth 😉

  2. I am so excited that you got a request even if it wasn’t on your current book! It shows that all of your efforts are paying off. I am quite impressed with how organized you are with your canned post, cover letter, etc. Keep up the good work!

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