Unnamed Manuscript Excerpt

I’m just a little busy working on the last minute stuff for querying agents.  But I don’t want y’all thinking I’m ignoring the blog.  That would be rude to my readers.  Since I’m about to query I thought y’all might like an excerpt of the book!  This isn’t a short story.  It’s actually from the book.  If you feel like this doesn’t stand alone, you’re right.  It’s not even a full chapter.  Just a little part of a chapter.

Setting the scene: Sixteen years old Alexandria Houston lives with Hans Zeidrich and his son who hates her, Peter Zeidrich.  She goes by the name Margaret Loving because an ATF agent forced Alexandria to go undercover.  (Long back story, a few chapters back from this.)  Adding to the complexity, Alexandria used to be Adolph Zeidrich’s foster daughter, before he was imprisoned and his wife murdered.  She idolized Peter when she was a child, before she was six and left the area.  Usually, Alexandria’s biggest issue is overcoming her fears, learning to be part of a family again after years in foster care, and overcoming her feelings of being unlovable and unworthy.  After all, she’s only been at the compound for two months.  Oh, and she’s always worried her secret will be discovered and she’ll be killed.

“Food,” Alexandria whispered excitedly at the knock.  The knock sounded again.  “Sadie usually comes right in.”  Alexandria muttered before she opened the door.

A man she didn’t recognize stood in the hall.  “May I help you?”  Alexandria asked while she tried to mask her nerves.

“You can, Alexandria Houston.”  The man hissed hatefully.

Subconsciously, Alexandria took a step back.  The fear shined through her blue-green eyes.  “I don’t know who you are talking about.  I’m Margaret Loving.”

The man shut and locked the door.  Alexandria stood still in hopes that the man would leave.  “We have a mutual friend.”  The man spoke in a whisper.

“Herr…!”  Alexandria started to speak.

The man grabbed her.  He held her tight to his body.  “Zeidrich isn’t who you should be worried about.  Westin is very disappointed in you.”

“Who?”  Alexandria asked as though she had never heard the name in her life.

“You know who I am talking about.”  The man hissed in her ear.  “He kept you with a roof over your head.  How do you repay him?  You don’t give him the information that will put a needle in Zeidrich’s arm.”

Alexandria struggled to free herself.  The man held her tighter.  “Zeidrich is in a meeting with his son.  The other one is at the Houston Ranch.  You have no one to rescue you, Houston.  The ranch across the road mean anything to you?”

“It was my great-grandfather’s.”  Alexandria answered truthfully.  “If you leave right now Herr Hans won’t hurt you.”

“Zeidrich will think that his whelp ordered this.”  The man managed to get a syringe out of his pocket.  “Not that you’ll be around to know who wins the war between father and son.”

She went slack as she caught sight of the syringe.  The fight seemed to leave her.  “Please, Peter needs Herr Hans.  He needs his father.”

“Not begging for your life?  But the whelp’s life?  Westin will find that interesting.”  The man whispered while he forced the liquid in the syringe in to the young woman.  “Too bad we can’t use that anymore.”

“Please,” Alexandria begged softly.  Her legs felt like they were made of jelly.  Each breath seemed difficult.

The man let her go.  “It won’t hurt too bad.”  With that, he left the room.

Alexandria stumbled across her sitting room to the bedroom.  For a moment she clung to the door frame.  The phone.  She needed the phone.  He would come if she called.  The phone sat on the nightstand, across the bedroom.  It seemed a million miles away to Alexandria.  She had no choice.  He would only come if he knew she needed him.

She gathered her strength.  She pushed herself off the door frame.  A couple of steps were all she took before collapsing.  “Peter,” Alexandria whispered.  Her childhood hero was in danger.  Her secret wasn’t as important as Peter’s life.  She crawled a few feet before that became too much.  Darkness overcame her.  “Peter, need you.”  Alexandria stuttered.  She couldn’t let the drug win.  Peter needed her to live, even if he didn’t know it.  The drug was stronger and faster than her.   The phone rang, almost as though someone knew she was in trouble.  “Pet…”  Her voice drifted off as the darkness won.

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