Blog Moving Day!

Hi!  Notice something different about the blog?  Like, a funky new layout?  Or a cool new background image?  Or those really interesting menu options that are totally different than they were yesterday (March 29th) morning?  Or the blog roll suddenly going missing?  (It’s not missing.  Don’t freak!)  Wondering what is up?

Well, little ol’ me decided it was high time for my domain name to do something other than sit there doing nothing.  Nothing but hosting my very small, itty, bitty site that no one ever saw.  Ever!  (Well, maybe one or two people a month.)  So, I decided that it was time for a move.  And since I just renewed my domain name (at a cost of $7.08 a month) plus renewed my hosting plan ($4.50 a month) it was time for that little ol’ site to earn its keep.

That led to Moving Day for the blog!  The new blog addy is  Good news is that the old blog address will still work.  So, if you’ve got the blog bookmarked it’ll still get you to the blog.  Yeah, it cost me a few bucks for the forwarding process.  A single dollar a month is what WordPress charges for the subdomain mapping.  When you add everything together it is only costing me $12.58 a month, which isn’t bad.

What do I get for my $12.58 a month?  More traffic to my website.  That means my SEO goes up, not just the WordPress SEO.  Plus, maybe, just maybe, it’ll give me a great excuse to actually work on the poor red-headed step-child known as my website.

What non-changes can you expect?  Well, if you subscribe via email you’ll still get updates via email.  You can still comment directly from the blog.  (And we all know I love comments, so comment away!)  New posts will still go live at 6:00AM Mountain Time.

What’s new and different?  Well, you’ll come to my site instead of WordPress.  The blog roll over here has always had a page dedicated to the cool blogs I follow.  The blog roll isn’t on the Sidebar, but on the Fave Blogs page.  Since the blog is really a journal, I changed things to look like a journal.  The menu bar is a short menu bar of what you’ll find on the rest of the website.  (There are a few things that don’t appear on the blog page’s menu that you might find interesting.)  At the very top you’ll see links to my Facebook page and my Twitter page, instead of links on the Sidebar.  The background image matches the rest of the website, which means clouds and sky.  And a couple other things.

Oh, and my blog button coding.  A few of you have the button on your blog.  Thanks for that.  It’s code has the old addy, but as previously mentioned the old addy gets redirected here.  No need to replace those buttons with a new code unless you really want to redo the button on your blog.

Welcome to the new neighborhood!  Hope y’all enjoy it over here!



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