What’s In a Name?

Name for the manuscript?  It’s almost the last bit of the puzzle I need before querying again.  A couple names have been suggested by a few people.  I’m mulling those over, but I’ve decided to expand my search until I find the perfect title.

What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name would be just a sweet.  Or so Shakespeare tells us.  For a book, the title is the first attempt to bring people in to your story.  It’s the author’s first chance to tell someone what the book is about.  The author wants you, the reader, to understand the main theme of the book in those few words.  They want to draw you in, convince you that you must pick up this particular book and read it.

The previous title should have told the reader that my main character, Alexandria, was sixteen; hence Sweet Sixteen.  Another title I played around with, Forever Home, should give the reader the idea that Alexandria is searching for a Forever Home.

The book is so much more than just a sixteen years old girl growing up, or her search for a permanent home.  Alexandria’s life is anything but sweet.  Heck, she winds up poisoned by someone trying to kill her.  (Okay, why else would she be poisoned?  Someone was out to get the poor girl.)  She thinks she’s undercover with the ATF, even though the agent who pulls her strings forged the documents.  (Means Alexandria can’t be part of the ATF, even if she has been led to believe she is.)

She lives on a neo-Nazi compound.  Heck, she lives in the Main House with the family that runs the compound.  Her foster brother won’t accept her, which means the men think Alexandria can be a pawn in their game to separate father and son.  Yeah, “sweet” sixteen?  It’s almost laughable that I ever thought Sweet Sixteen worked as a title.

Obviously, titles are not my cup of tea.  I can write a perfectly great story, but I can’t name it for the life of me.  But, I will pick a title here in the next few days and query with that title.  After all, the agent’s probably gonna suggest a title change.  Rarely do books get published under the title they had when they were queried.


2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Knowing no more than I do about your book, I thought of HOME BITTERSWEET HOME. I wonder, does Alexandria find her Forever Home in this novel or will her quest continue into the next book. I like that title, though. I like what I’ve come up with given the ordeal in her new foster home setting. Surely, bittersweet would be Alexandria’s emotions.

    This title may not be what you go with, but maybe it’ll help to inspire you somehow. I’ll keep my thinking cap on and if another light goes on, then I’ll shoot the idea to you.

    • Thanks for the idea for the title! I’ll put it in the list.

      I guess you’re gonna have to read the book to find out if Alexandria finds her forever home in this book. The second book is almost done. The third one during Alexandria’s sixteenth year is a few words from being revised. It could happen in any of those books. Or, it could happen when she turns seventeen in the fourth book. 😉 I know. I’m horrible! But, an author has to give the reader a reason to pick up the book.

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