Synopsis for Now Unnamed Manuscript Is Done

The synopsis is done.  It has been revised so many times it looks nothing like the extremely long chapter by chapter analysis I did at the end of February.  Which is probably a good thing, because what I had at the end of February was an extremely long rambling of what went on in the book.  Now, the synopsis is a whole page or two pages depending on who the agent is I’m querying.  I have to expand it for one agent who wants five pages, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I must admit that I feel slightly excited, but also slightly bummed.  I love writing the synopsis.  The idea of taking my big story and turning it in to a quick short story is fun!  Really, I love writing, and the synopsis is just writing another story.  It’s a blast, especially if you do your homework before you start.  Now that it is done, the sadness creeps in.  No more editing.  No more rewrites.  It’s fine just the way it is, and that’s sad because it means I’m putting the synopsis to bed.

Oh well, I get this manuscript accepted by an agent and I can start working on the next synopsis.  Because, unlike that horrible query letter I get to write a new synopsis every single book!  I have another synopsis waiting for me down the road when I finish polishing up another manuscript.  I’ll look forward to that while I send this synopsis off to agents starting in a few weeks.

And since I spent so long polishing this baby you know it’ll catch an agent’s eye.  The synopsis is a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.  It’ll convince any agent that requests it after reading the query to take a look at the manuscript.  And from there we get an agent!  Right?



2 thoughts on “Synopsis for Now Unnamed Manuscript Is Done

  1. Congrats! I have never seen anyone with such bittersweet feelings over the completion of their synopsis. This is exciting and I can’t wait to read about your journey forward. BTW, I changed my blog button. It was too big so I scaled it down, basically. Feel free to grab the new blog code. Looking forward to hearing how the feedback you get from agents/publishers. Best of luck, friend!

    • But the synopsis is really fun. Really, really. really fun. 🙂 Second only to writing the manuscript itself. Part of me is nervous about jumping back in. I’ve got posts scheduled between now and Q-Day. That way I can make sure everything is perfect in the queries I send out. Not that I learned a lot from the last manuscript!

      I picked up the new blog button and entered it in the sidebar. It fits a lot nicer on the blog.

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