There Goes the Title

There I was talking to an online critique partner when she mentioned she loved my title.  She loved it so much she decided to change the name of her Young Adult (YA) novel to “Sweet Sixteen.”  Okay, I understand that we aren’t going for the same audience.  She’s going for high school girls.  I’m going after women.  As far as she’s concerned there isn’t a problem with both novels using the same title.

Yet, a lot of the agents I’m about to query are agents she plans to query or just queried.  I figure two different projects being queried with the same name won’t help me out.  It could even lead to confusion over whose manuscript has what in it.  I don’t want to hurt my chances even slightly.

The good news is that it isn’t the manuscript that needs to go, just the title.  I can handle that.  I’ve got about two weeks to come up with a new title.  We’ll see what I can pull out of a hat this weekend.  That gives me a few days to determine if I like the new title.  Oh well, life and writing goes on.


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