Query Letter, Query Letter.

Yeah, another post on the query letter.  The dreaded query letter is slowly and surely coming along.  I am well past the first draft, or even the first version.  I have settled on a version I feel comfortable with and begun to revise and fine-tune the letter.  That’s a good thing, since the working title of my query is now “Query Letter Attempt Gazillion Plus Five.”  (That’s a joke, since query letters don’t actually have titles.)

It is down to 208 words, not including any information about the book itself.  Once I add the book information and the boring author bio it goes up to around 238 words.  A good query letter should be under 250 words, so I am on track with the length.  The idea (as I’ve mentioned before) is for your entire query letter to fit on a single email screen.  So, lengthwise I’m good.

I am worried that I haven’t brought people in to Alexandria’s life story enough to really care what happens to her.  In the query, that is.  I originally tried to explain the secret Alexandria carries, but then I decided I’d use it as a worm on the end of the fish hook.  She’s got a secret.  If anyone finds out the secret Alexandria knows she’ll lose everything.  If you want to know what the secret is, Mister or Ms. Agent Person, I’ve got a little manuscript that will tell you what it is.  You can always request a copy.

I’ve got the genre and who the book should appeal to down pat.  I’m working on the short bio without adding the blog.  (For the reason see my previous post on that subject.)  I think this query is starting to shake out in to what I want it to be.  Good news!  It just might be ready by my deadline.



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