The Dark Side: My Facebook Page

Yesterday, I mentioned I went to the Dark Side and got a Facebook Fan Page.  It’s primarily to control my image, but controlling image means marketing.  How do I plan to use the Facebook Fan Page going forward?  It’s marketing, but there is a point where you become too pushy and turn people off.

It’ll be interactive.  Yeah, there will be daily blog updates.  I’ll toss up when query letters go off to agents on both Twitter and the Fan Page.  I will mention when I get an agent, publication dates, and that sort of things.  I really want my “fans” to feel free to post things on my wall.  All posts that are offensive (as judged by me), will be removed.  Pretty much, no cussing or name calling.  The rules will be on the page by the end of the week.

Guest blog posts will be announced on the Fan Page.  After all, I write things that don’t necessarily fit this blog.  (I do a few reviews for friends’ blogs.)  Anything that doesn’t fit in the blog, but I’ve written will get a link on the Fan Page.

I’ll probably share a link or two when I find blog posts that are specific to writers.  If you want to see what writing blogs I’m reading (and who doesn’t), it’ll be on the Fan Page.

And those pages my page likes?  How did I decide on those pages?  Well, currently it is my severely underpaid BR.  (For everyone who was unaware, BR doesn’t get paid as my beta reader.  She gets my undying gratitude, and that’s about it.)  Anywho, I figure that BR’s Facebook Page deserves a billing on mine.  The future “likes” will be my book pages.  I decided that at this point in time the only pages that get featured on my page really will be BR’s page.  Not that other people aren’t cool and good friends.  It’s just that while I’m working on a specific page like guidelines, BR gets to have her page liked by mine.

(Side topic: See all those little hyperlinks?  The ones to BR’s Facebook Page?  Yeah, those.  Click ‘em and go like BR’s Facebook page.  Great recipes, and BR even does meal plans on her blog.  Go!  Enjoy!)

You can check it out my Facebook Page if you want to.  If you don’t, well, it won’t hurt my feelings.  I’m not gonna include the Facebook page in my query letter.  It’s so young it’ll look like I just started it to catch agents’ attention.  Which I didn’t, but to control my image.  So, it’s not like I need everyone to rush out and like me just so I can tell agents I have hundreds of followers on Facebook, too.


4 thoughts on “The Dark Side: My Facebook Page

  1. I had forgotten I was already following BR’s blog, but didn’t know about her FB fan until today. I’m sure it was earlier post of yours which led me to her anyway. Gosh her recipes look great!

    Anyhow, I like the way you composed your info on your FB page. I may borrow some of your ideas. I hadn’t thought about stating the obvious, keep it family friendly, blah-blah-blah.

    I’ll tune in tomorrow for more post reading!

    • Her recipes are wonderful. I’m in love with a lot of her blog!

      Feel free to borrow whatever ideas work for you. Just have fun interacting with your fans. The more you interact, the more they are likely to come back and share the page with their friends.

  2. Love it, I’m a fan now too! It’s great to have a facebook page, it has increased traffic to my blog. A lot of people won’t read blogs everyday but will check their facebook page several times a day! So if they see a link to a post that sounds interesting, they will click over.

    • That’s my hope, plus to pick up people who don’t read blogs but read books. I’ve got a couple of people on Facebook already that I don’t know that I’ve seen over here. Let’s hope I can keep them as fans.

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