Querying Agents: My Plan

I am getting closer to querying agents again.  Have I mentioned that lately?  Oh, I have?  Sorry!  But, getting closer means I must have a plan.  I had a plan last time, and I threw it out the window almost immediately.  And we all know how well that went.  No agent.  No book contract.

This time I have created a plan and shall stick to it.  To give myself some accountability, I’ve decided to share my plan with my loyal readers.  Y’all can help me stick to the plan.  Oh, and feel free to let me know what you think.  Comments, anyone?

1)      Query no more than three agents a week.  One every other day.

2)      Have a list with information on each agent’s preferences to work off.  Likes, dislikes, things they want in an initial query, what they like to see in a query letter, usual time for response.

3)      Prioritize the agents.  There are currently 56 agents accepting unsolicited queries for Family Sagas.  List them 1-56, placing dream agents in the middle of the list.

4)      Assign each agent a number for discussing submissions in the blog.  Add numbers and assigned dates for querying to a new page on the blog & website; along with response.

5)      Tailor query letter & package to each individual agent’s tastes as based off stalking.  Keep copies on the computer to refine before sending out query.

6)      Work each query in Word before moving to an email client.

7)      Reread each word in the email before pressing the send button!

8)      Remember, working one query to perfection is better than twenty horrible queries.  Therefore, one query every other day, Amanda Nicole Trisdale!

9)      Check in at Query Tracker with who I’ve queried and their response so other newbies can use the information in their stalking

10)   Continue to revise SWEET SIXTEEN and writing new material.

11)   Not cry over rejection.  The right agent will come along.

12)   If no requests for a partial after first month (12 queries), back off and rewrite query letter.

13)   Try literary fiction agents once I’ve exhausted family saga agents.  There are 394 of those.

14)   Keep a running journal on the blog, including usual response time for agents and my response time.

15)   Refer to agents by assigned numbers so no one knows the agent’s real names.  Example: Sent Agent 10 a query today.  Received a reply from Agent 5 requesting I send a partial manuscript.  Agent 1 sent rejection notice.

16)   Find an agent!


4 thoughts on “Querying Agents: My Plan

  1. This sounds like an awesome idea. You will be workng very hard. I know someone is going to take on your book ( a mother is never wrong). Love, Mom

  2. Sounds like a plan to me! Thank you for sharing it with your readers, especially this one who someday wants to be in the same position!

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