Novel Finished? Now the Business Begins.

Someone told me that once you write a book the business of writing starts.  While all authors would love to spend their days writing, you have to dedicate some time each day to the business of writing.

You have to spend time building a following.  That means website, blogging, tweeting, or Facebook fan pages.  (No, I’m not doing the latter.)  And, no, I’m not talking about blogging about your family and your hobbies.  Those blogs are great, but they don’t give an agent any reason to believe those people might read your books.  I’ve researched this, and every writer needs a writing blog and a website dedicated to their writing.  That takes time out of the day.

Then there are the revisions.  Writing the book was fun, but revisions hurt as you cut things you were in love with.  Besides, you’d rather write the next book.  Revisions take time and effort.  It’s hard work!  Yet, the writer must do revisions if they want their book to sell.

Don’t forget stalking agents to find someone to rep the book.  That takes time and effort, too.  Hours on the web learning all there is to know about the agent of your dreams.  What do they want in a query letter?  Just the story?  Information about the specifics of the story?  Information about you and your writing?  Do they want to know you have a blog?  Or does that depend upon the number of people who follow your blog?

(Great time to mention I always welcome new subscribers and followers.  Feel free to pass on the blog to your friends and family.  I know.  Shameless plug.  But I haven’t done one in a while.)

And let us not forget networking and trying to figure out how this whole business works.  Books to study.  Blogs to read by the experts.

Someone mentioned this to me when I began, but I was too excited to listen.  This time, with a new book, I have learned from prior mistakes.  If anyone needs me between the hours of 9-4 I will be working.  You can find me writing, revising, working on query letters, stalking agents and coming up with a plan for taking the publishing world by storm.  Oh, and of course I will continue to blog.  Maybe others can learn from the mistakes I’ve made.  After all, what good is a journal if no one learns from it?


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