The Excitement is Building…

I can feel the excitement building.  The synopsis is coming along.  The query letter is one step closer to perfection.  BR has Chapter Three in her hands.  My list of agents to query now has notes about each agent.  I’ve become a cyber-stalker of agents.

Unlike the disaster known as THE EARLY YEARS that my early readers will remember, I have spent months planning how to query SWEET SIXTEEN.  I wasn’t ready to query.  I was so excited to have a novel done that I jumped feet first in to the swimming pool without a single lesson on swimming.  Is it any shock I hit the bottom of the pool?  I didn’t even tread water with THE EARLY YEARS.  I just sank like a rock.

This time is different.  I’m not tossing together a query letter and sending it off to agents.  Heck, I’ve been busy with this query letter since September.  That kinda means it isn’t something I just tossed together.  I’ve spent countless hours editing the query letter.  Rewriting and throwing away query letter after query letter.  This one is mild perfection, and I think it shows.

SWEET SIXTEEN is my baby.  I spent hours revising SWEET SIXTEEN before I let BR see anything.  Totally different than finishing THE EARLY YEARS and then querying agents.  I wonder how many stupid mistakes I had in THE EARLY YEARS that I could have caught if I had just read the manuscript before sending it off.  Like the fact it was dry and boring in the beginning.

That’s not gonna happen with SWEET SIXTEEN.  Thanks to the help of BR, and revising before I send the query letter off, SWEET SIXTEEN is in a much better position than THE EARLY YEARS ever was.  Now, I just gotta keep my excitement in check and wait for the right moment to send off the query letters.



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