First Draft of the Synopsis is Done!

And the one page synopsis is written!  Yes!  Time to just sit back and ignore the synopsis for a few days.  Then I can go back and edit the synopsis.  I’m slightly worried because the synopsis took me only a week.

On the other hand I’ve got detailed files on Alexandria Houston, Hans Zeidrich and Peter Zeidrich.  Think of them kinda like biographies of my Main Characters.  There is way more in these files than will ever go in to any novel.  That helped write the synopsis.

The story?  Well, I write kinda funny.  I write about fifteen to twenty pages of a story.  It covers the main plot and the big scenes.  And then I fill in everything that makes fifteen pages of ramblings in to an 80,000 word novel.  Never realized that could be considered a synopsis.

I “borrowed” the original file and fiddled with it.  It made writing a synopsis shockingly easy.  Or at least the first draft (which never really is the first draft but the first time I’m willing to consider something a draft.)

That’s done!  Fini!  Ready to be edited and I barely broke a sweat.  That wasn’t so hard.  I’m a total fan of synopsis writing.

Oh, and on that other little project I have “in the oven.”  We’re at thirteen weeks, and the baby is fine.  I found out fetal heart monitors hurt worse than breaking a bone.  Oh, and that it isn’t supposed to hurt.  And the fetus’ heart rate isn’t supposed to be lower than mama’s heart rate.  When that happens you get a lot of very upset medical personnel.  Did I mention the baby is fine?  And that the baby’s heart rate was normal?  I was the one with a heart rate through the roof.  Opps!  My bad!

Any bets on when the doctors decide I’m a horrible patient?



2 thoughts on “First Draft of the Synopsis is Done!

  1. Glad to hear all is well. Fetal heart monitor – not sure I’ve had that done before. I’ve had the belt thing to track the contractions and heart rate, but that’s during labor. Oh what we women go through to have these children!

    • It’s this little wand like thing that lets the doctors/midwife hear the fetus’ heart. Yeah, no one told me how much pain was involved in pregnancy. I would have passed. 🙂

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