Chapter Two is BR Approved

BR has given tentative approval to Chapter Two!  Even better news, BR asked for Chapter Three!  Okay, I admit, every single time I toss something to BR I worry that she’ll say I can’t write or the whole idea of the book is horrible.  I jump for joy each time I receive an email from BR.

Yep, BR finds mistakes.  The silly ones like “foul” for “foal” make me want to bang my head on my keyboard.  But other times she says things like “rewrite Paragraph X because it’s confusing.”  Extremely helpful, if you ask me.

On to BR reading Chapter Three while I work on the query letter and synopsis.  After all, the most any agent asks for at first are the first three chapters.  I figure once I get the first three chapters BR approved and the query letter and synopsis we can start querying agents again.  Yippee!

A very public thanks to BR for reading all of SWEET SIXTEEN before anyone else!  You can find BR on the web over at her own blog The Menu Mama.  Lots of cool recipes, and BR even makes weekly meal plans and shopping lists.  Go on over and check out the food.



2 thoughts on “Chapter Two is BR Approved

  1. Yippee!! Good for you! It must feel so great to get that feedback.

    I just sent my first 8 pages to a woman I’ve asked to be my beta reader and I have the same feelings that you do – will she think it’s horrible? Stupid? Boring? I anxiously await her reply!

    • It does feel great to get feedback. BR usually laughs at my nerves. So far she’s never said anything is bad. But (thankfully), BR has no problem telling me when something doesn’t work. To get her stamp of approval is the greatest feeling in the world. Though, seeing her with a copy of my published book will probably top everything. Let me know how your beta reader likes your first eight pages.

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