A New Blog Query Workshop

I had this week all planned out for the blog.  Everything was scheduled so I could focus on the query letter (yuck!) and the synopsis.  I mean; life was going swell.  And that’s when it happened.

I was over on The Query Shark when I noticed something I couldn’t help but tell y’all about.  BookEnds, LLC – A Literary Agency is starting something new.  Every week they will spotlight a query on their blog!  A fully critiqued query.  A query the agents at BookEnds take apart bit by bit to tell you exactly what they think of the query!

Be still my beating heart.  (Or is that the Sudafed I took this evening for the sinus headache causing the racing heart?  Maybe it’s realizing I’m about to send my query out.)  This is great news!  More queries critiqued by agents so little ol’ me can kinda get an idea about the query letter.  Oh, perfect day!

Here’s what BookEnds is gonna do.  Everyone who sends their query to the BookEnds Query Workshop is eligible.  They will select queries at random.  From that query they will tell you what they liked or hated about the query.

Yay!  You (and me) will get to see queries torn apart.  We’ll get to learn together from another agency what works and what doesn’t.

How can you get your query possibly spotlighted?  (And feedback about your query from an agent?)  GO check out the specifics over at BookEnds’ blog.

And, no BookEnds LLC isn’t gonna be one of the agencies I query.  They don’t rep what I write.  That doesn’t mean I can’t learn from their query workshop.

Go on over!  What are you waiting for?


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