Does It Really Need to Go?

BR is working her way through the manuscript of SWEET SIXTEEN.  The great thing about a beta reader is also the worst thing about a beta reader.  It is someone who tells you the truth about your writing.

No, BR hasn’t said “It’s horrible!  Quit writing and find a real job.”  (Thankfully!)  Yet, it was one of those pieces of advice that I thought about for a bit.  “The prologue doesn’t work.”  Dang!  I spent months on that prologue, fixing and perfecting that prologue.  And BR says it doesn’t work?  Deep breaths.  Calm.  No going off on a “Do you know how much time and effort…” rampage through the house.  Probably not good for the parasite.

Instead, I looked at the clock and reminded myself that when I get up at 1:00AM it isn’t a good excuse to read critiques from BR.  I’m not quite awake.  No, BR didn’t email me that late.  That’s just when I checked my email.  So, new rule.  No opening critiques from BR until after the sun comes up, or normal people are awake.  Actually, no email until then, unless I was awake prior to checking the email.  No offense to BR.

After I went back to sleep and woke up again at a usual hour, I saw things in a different light.  BR was right.  The prologue has the book going in one direction, but I switch it to another direction in the first chapter.  The work was for naught.  It hurts.  I won’t begin to say it doesn’t hurt.  But, the story must be served.  And that means my prologue must go.

It was good while it lasted.  I really loved the last version.  Ah, what we do for our novels.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy attempting to determine if I can get away without the prologue and jump right in to the first chapter.  Which means BR will see an email in her inbox.



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