Have You Heard of Query Tracker

First, a couple of questions for everyone who is a writer.  How many of you are on Query Tracker?  Anyone on Absolute Write?

For those of you who aren’t writers, the two websites I just mentioned are places writers gather on the web.  Both are different in many ways.  Query Tracker is a great website for tracking what queries you have sent.  (You’d be surprised how often I forget whether or not I sent a query out.)  Query Tracker also has forums on each and every agent.

You can talk to other people who have sent queries, partials, and even full manuscripts to agents.  That’s helpful because you can get an idea about how each agent responds to each level of the process.  You can see how long it takes for an agent to send out a partial request based off other authors’ experiences with the agents.  Does an agent respond immediately to queries they like?  Take a few days?  Weeks?  Months?

Ah, and the dreaded full rejection: Is that form rejection you just got par for the course with this agent?  Okay, maybe that would have been helpful to know before you sent off the full manuscript just to receive a form rejection letter.  (I can’t even imagine how badly that would hurt.)

Sorta new to Query Tracker is the Groups.  They showed up last year, but are really taking off.  There is the dreaded Query Critique Group.  (Thank the Lord it isn’t Query Hell over at Absolute Write.  Give me some gentle critique before I jump in with the sharks again.)

My favorite new group is the Opening Hook.  Drop your first couple of paragraphs in the forum, and your fellow writers (me, included) try to help you out.  I’m not sure how much help I am, but I try.  It isn’t genre based, so if you’re a writer and want to join our merry little band come drop by.  A special thanks to PatsFan, our admin for the Opening Hooks Group, for coming up with the idea.

Also, thanks to Patrick at Query Tracker for his administration a great resource for wannabe writers.  I almost don’t want to find an agent so I can hang around.

If you are a writer, I highly recommend dropping by Query Tracker.  Sign up.  (It’s free.)  Sign up for the blog posts and newsletters, you’ll learn a lot.  And drop by the groups to find one that is perfect for you.  Before long, you’ll be a Query Tracker Success Story.



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