An Update on MY Query Letter

I think I have it!  The query letter has been located in my brain!  It follows none of the rules, but hey, these agents really need to get together on what they want.

What I finally decided to do was try to tell a story in the query letter.  A mini-story about what the novel is all about.  It just flowed out.  Just like with the novels.  I set it aside and came back a few minutes later.  Usually that’s all it takes for me to go “Um, totally sucks!”  Not this time.  I think this is the one I can edit, tweak and create a query letter out of.

Then I set it aside for a couple of days.  Sent it off to a friend just to see if it had potential.  Yep, she said, there is potential.  I waited a day more before I went back to read it.  It still seemed dry, but going in the right direction!  Hey, this is a good feeling.  So, I cleaned up a few spots, deleted some things I thought weren’t really working, and rewrote some things.

I still didn’t like the opening the way it stood.  So, I went back and read a few query letters I wrote previously for SWEET SIXTEEN.  I found one opening paragraph that I liked.  I just had to redo some of the lines, fiddle with the verb tense, and delete some things.  If you ask me this effort is my best yet.

I love the feeling that I have this figured out.  We shall see what the rest of the world thinks.  And then on to the agents!  Any bets on how many months it takes me to get this query right?  Off to work on it some more.

Oh, and I should probably say something about Valentine’s Day.  So, Happy V-Day, everyone!  Hope it’s filled with chocolates and those little heart candies that need to be available year round.  One of your favorite bloggers will not turn away gifts of those little heart candies, or just the Nescco Wafers they are based off.  Just saying…


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