Another Blog Award

My dear friend, Cathy, bestowed the The Life is Good Award upon me yesterday.  The requirements for this award are as follows:

Thank and link back to the person who so kindly gave you the award

Share a few things about yourself

Pass the award on

Inform the bloggers that you gave them the award


Thanks for the award, Cathy!  If you haven’t checked out Cathy’s blog or website you really oughta.  Cathy is a published children’s author.  Her first book, THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES, is available for purchase on Amazon or  Or, go the extra step and get yourself a copy of THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES directly through Cathy’s website.  Trust me, you want to read all about Nicole & Brittany’s adventure at their grandma and grandpa’s house.  It includes a panther!

A few things about me:

1) I am pregnant!  (Did I mention that previously?)

2) My degree is not related to writing, but mathematics, physics and history.  None of which I currently write about.

3) When I was young I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I am scared of large bodies of water.  Totally wouldn’t work!

4) I’m deathly allergic to soy, which means I’m allergic to most medications.  For a while that included my epi-pen.


Blogger I think should receive this award:

BR’s The Menu Mama: If you are on a diet I wouldn’t suggest BR’s blog!  If you are a cowboy who works the stock all day, or just came in from pulling another calf, this is the blog you want your wife to read.  (Or, if you are a cowgirl, you want your husband to read.)  Everything from crockpot meals to really, really good chicken recipes can be found on BR’s blog.  BR even does the menu planning, and the shopping list if you want!  Perfect for the busy woman or man on the go.  Oh, and try the Ranch Style Chicken.

Since BR (aka Heather) is my beta reader I might be a tad bit bias, but go check out BR’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Another Blog Award

    • Don’t feel like a rat. It’s not a huge deal. I promise we all still like you. Besides, how do you pick with all the great artists and bloggers you highlight on Natural Wonders?

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