New Manuscript Means More Revisions

I am revising one of my manuscripts at the moment.  (I think I mentioned this before now.)  It is the first revision, which I like to call “The Stupid Revision.”

What do I mean by “The Stupid Revision?”  Glad you asked.  This is where I fix the glaring stupid mistakes.  These are the obvious mistakes like turning “was planning to” in to “planned.”  Or the whole “had” should be “hat.”  Like I said, stupid mistakes that everyone makes.

This revision doesn’t take much creativity.  That’s a good thing, since I usually find myself banging my head on the desk.  The great news is it should only take me a few days for this revision.  Then I can get to the harder revisions.

And at some point I can come up with a title for the manuscript.  Currently, the working title is NEXT.  Yeah, my working titles need some work.



2 thoughts on “New Manuscript Means More Revisions

  1. Hello from a fellow traveler down the publishing path. I’m always looking for other writers to see how they “do it.” Currently, I’m 50 pages into a novel, and editing it to show to an agent in the near future. Although I’ve written news and magazine articles, this is my first novel. I’ve also got a blog:

    Best wishes on your journey!

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