Electricity Has Been Restored!

Last week the majority of the US was in the middle of a winter storm.  Southern New Mexico was no different.  We went from our usual 50s to not breaking freezing.  We had snow and ice.  And our local power company, El Paso Electric, thought it would be a good idea to go dark!  Yay!  Okay, not a good idea to cut off power in the middle of the coldest week since before I was born.

The snow has since melted.  The power has been restored.  Our water has been restored, unlike the guys down in El Paso, Texas (a few miles away.)  The natural gas is working now that it isn’t freezing outside.  Everything is beginning to return to normal.

Yes!  Now, maybe, I can get back to working on the novel without worrying that my entire work is gonna be lost.

PS: Seeing that Saturday & Sunday were big days in the world of professional football (and I am a huge fan), I want to extend my congratulations to the following people:

Ed Sabol, who I still can’t believe wasn’t already in Canton.  Seriously?  Anyone with the last gazillion HoF voting committees ever heard of this little business called “NFL Films”?  I’m pretty sure the whole NFL Films thing changed the way we watch all sports.)

And, of course, the winners of Super Bowl XLV, the Green Bay Packers.  The last bit of professional football until further notice.  (Fingers crossed that the owners and players’ union can compromise and there is a 2011 football season!)


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