Snow “Storm” 2011 aka Why I’m Not Writing A Post

Somehow I think we managed to survive Day One of the “storm” down here.  It seems that if you live in Southern New Mexico 3” of snow is enough to shut down an entire town.  By shut down, TX-DOT’s cameras went black.  El Paso Electric Company thought that the storm was perfect timing to have a generator (or two or three) go out.  So, they had rolling blackouts lasting no longer than 3 hours each to make sure everyone got a few hours of heat.

NMDOT has two (yes, 2) snow plows for the southern district, and used those in the mountains.  And those had problems staying on the road/

The local FOX channel went “black” due to power problems.  Oh, and all the local news stations were live at 1:00am to tell people there was snow.

The internet went out, including 3G/4G.  My cell phone coverage was spotty at best.

You’d think the white fluffy powder stuff was some no one around here had ever seen.

Anywho, we’ve got power at the moment.  I’m not sure how long it’ll last, so I’m gonna schedule this post so those with power can read it tomorrow.  (And before my husband realizes I’m using the 4G card for the laptop, not our home internet to upload this post.)  Hope everyone else is warm and safe in this massive storm!


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