Week Eleven Update: Still Pregnant

I made Week Eleven of having a parasite in me!  Woohoo!  I should probably explain that statement.  This is pregnancy Number Twelve or so.  I’ve lost count, so I’m gonna go off what the doctor says.  Nope, I’ve got no kiddos running around.  This will be my first.  I’ve had a few tubal pregnancies and one pregnancy where I got all the way to Month Seven before my then-fiancé (not my current husband) beat me bad enough I lost the baby.  Luckily, I don’t have to worry about my wonderful husband doing that to me.

Weeks have become important to me.  So has listening to doctors, though I must admit that is a new thing for me.  I’m just gonna keep track of how many weeks this takes with a couple of cheers.  Sorry, everyone!

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, my blood pressure is high.  My Primary Care Physician (PCP) noticed that writing brings down my blood pressure.  So, I am forced to write for two hours a day.  Gesh, so hard on a writer to be “forced” to write.  Nothing was said that I have to write new material, but just write.

I am in the middle of revising my first three novels.  (Yes, you just heard BR shutter at the idea of reading three novels.)  I have the first novel revised to the point it is just waiting for BR to read and give her opinion.  That means that I can either A) continue to revise the parts BR hasn’t seen, revising the poor novel to death or B) start revising the next novel.  Being slightly intelligent I have decided to start revising the next novel.

That’s when I noticed I had left Alexandria in a minor situation in SWEET SIXTEEN.  But somehow when we got to Book Two (which doesn’t have a title yet), the situation was never discussed.  Opps!  That’s a minor issue there.  An entirely new Chapter One is being written to fix this previously overlooked issue.

The good news is I have plenty of time to write while I am lying in bed waiting for the parasite to figure out it shouldn’t be hurting Mama’s body this early in its existence.



3 thoughts on “Week Eleven Update: Still Pregnant

  1. I certainly hope that this pregnancy ‘works’ for you. I often gripe and complain about my kids, but they truly are blessings.
    I’ve often felt sorry for those that are left bedridden and don’t know the joy of reading, and I’m completely taken aback by how many people don’t like to read. And of course, one can lose so many more hours lost in the joys and frustrations of writing;-)

    • Thanks, Cinette! I just bought some more books that I “need” for research for my writing. At least, I told my husband I “needed” the books. I’ll finally have something new to read.

      And, like you said, there is always the joys and frustrations of writing to keep me occupied.

  2. Wonderful news, Amanda! I’m praying your little parasite (precious baby) makes it to full-term and then into your arms healthy and safely. For now, enjoy writing at your leisure while you relax in the comfort of your bed. That sounds pretty miserble, if you ask me. LOL. Really, it’s good you have writing and reading as your passions to preoccupy your time. At least, you’re doing something you love and it’s productive, too. Take it easy!

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