Late Today, but It’s Been a Bad Week

This last week was horrible!  Well, at least the end of last week.  I was bombarded by chicken on Wednesday and took to Facebook to joke I better not have a craving.  When a couple of friends said “Yep, craving!” I freaked out.  All of my friends seemed to think I overreacted when I called the doctor.  The doctor seemed to think with my health I underreacted.

Thursday morning was spent at the doctor’s office being poked and prodded.  Fun!  The good news is I was right and it wasn’t a craving.  I am not hurting my baby!  (Since the 70s studies have shown that cravings mean a man/woman is missing vital nutrients.  Cravings during pregnancy can point to future health problem with a child.  Craving meat?  You’re likely not getting enough iron or protein, which means your kid might be looking at a lifetime of anemia.)

The bad news is that my protein was ever so slightly off.  Not enough for a craving, but enough to intrigue the doctor.  It was enough to cause the doctor to become a vampire.  A few tests and forced eating afterwards and it was determined I am not absorbing enough protein.  Supposedly, when one combines my lack of protein with my “high for me” blood pressure and heart beat I have something called preeclampsia.

The doctor’s prescription at the moment is to relax, quit politics all together until the baby come, write but don’t stress about getting an agent, and take the medication she has prescribed.  Now, I’m usually not a big fan of medicine.  I can’t have a lot because I’m allergic to pain killers and soy.  Soy (one of the top eight food allergies) is a common gel-capping or coating on pills.  It means I look at medicine and go “Will it kill me?”

Anywho, this here medicine the doctor put me on just might be different.  I have to eat 2 ounces of 65% or better chocolate a day.  It has easy to absorb protein and should be relaxing.  I guess I’ll eat chocolate.  If I have to eat chocolate.  I mean, if the doctor prescribes chocolate I guess I just have to buckle down and eat the chocolate.

Now that the physical stuff is done, I am going to go back to writing.  It’s another one of the doctor’s suggestion.  My heart rate dropped while I was writing in the office.  Even the query letter caused my heart rate to drop by a handful of beats a minute.  Working on the novels caused the heart rate to drop by double digits.  So, due to doctor’s orders I shall write a couple of hours a day when I can stay awake.

I wonder if I can work that in to a query letter.  “My doctor says writing is good for my health.  So, reading my manuscript must be good for your health.”  Think it would work?



2 thoughts on “Late Today, but It’s Been a Bad Week

  1. I like your approach to the query at the end. Definitely something to try or not. LOL I don’t know it sound way funny and if an agent has an ounce of funny bone in him/her, then he/she will appreciate it.

    What’s this the doctor prescribed chocolate? How cool is that? Of course, I know what it’s like to go through morning sickness which is anything excluded to mornings and the thoughts of most foods turning your stomach. Anything sweet at the start of my pregnancies was too much for me to handle. That was interesting though that the 65% cocoa helps your body to better absorb protein. Does this mean, we should have dessert before we have our entree?

    Good luck with getting rest and keeping your health in line. You’re in my thoughts & prayers!

    • Skip the entree! A 80% chocolate bar (with very little sugar) has as much protein as a 15 oz. steak.

      And I totally think an agent should get a laugh out of the idea that the whole writing is for health, so reading much be for health.

      Thanks for the prayers & thoughts! It looks like this may be a couple of long months.

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