Wondering About Chapters

There is a chapter in my book that I am not sure I like.  It’s one of those chapters where I’m doing a wonderful job of trying to describe what the family dynamics are like for two characters.  These two “young women” share some of the same abuse in their backgrounds.

The question is when am I showing and when am I telling?  It seems to me that sometimes there is a very fine line.  I don’t want the reader completely confused about how the Zeidrich Family works.  At the same time, I don’t want to sit the reader down and go “Here’s the entire family history.”

This chapter was created in my mind to explain part of Alexandria’s family history, and part of Callie Jones’ history.  I want it to sound like two new friends realizing they both have had rough childhoods, and found someone who understands.  I want the reader to feel like the reader was a fly on the wall listening to the two sixteen year old girls talking.

Hopefully, I managed to get my idea across in the words on the screen.  At some point in the next couple of months, BR should get a chance to read the scene.  I guess that will let me know if I totally screwed up the scene.  Until then, I will just put the chapter to the side.



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