Two Quick Reasons Bed Rest & Blogging Do Not Work Together

One would think bed rest would mean I would have plenty of time to write.  There are two flaws in that logic.  The first flaw is the assumption that I have the energy to think!  I am under the impression the doctors were lying about why I am on bed rest.  It might be because I am so exhausted I fall asleep mid-sentence and standing up.

The second flaw is assuming that creativity works best when lying in bed.  It seems lying in bed doesn’t get the creative juices running.  But, it is great for convincing your body to fall asleep.  If I could just connect the laptop to my mind to record my dreams, I would be good.

My plan for today includes staying awake long enough to work on my query letter.  Let’s see if that actually happens.  This parasite inside is taking way too much energy to grow.



3 thoughts on “Two Quick Reasons Bed Rest & Blogging Do Not Work Together

  1. Oh how I remember those days of sleepiness. This will be the best you’ll sleep in a long while, so ENJOY it! LOL

  2. Just remember how much you love this little thing. Think of all the stories he or she will give you along the way. The adventures the three of you have ahead you can’t even fit in your imagination. Try and enjoy this time, even the pain. Like the song you’re going to miss this when it’s gone. Love you

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