Non-Book Related News

A few of you may have noticed I have been a little spotty with my posts.  I would love to blame this on revisions or query letters.  The truth?  I’ve been sick lately.  I went to the doctor, and after a small little discussion, the doctor decided I was pregnant.

At least I now know why I feel worn down, every muscle in my body aches, I’m sick all day long, can’t eat most foods without getting sick, and can’t seem to lose wait I gained suddenly after the Holidays!  (Not that I am the type that stayed on my health food diet and kept exercising straight through the Holidays.)

That’s the good news!  The bad news is with some non-pregnancy related health issues already on the table means my General Practitioner has already put me on bed rest.  Yay!  Talk about boring/makes you sleepy.

So, where does this leave Amanda’s Blog and my journey to becoming a published author?  It doesn’t change much.  If y’all will permit me to take a day off here and there to sleep, I promise to try to post every single day.  Since I am stuck here in the house/bed for the foreseeable future, I will have plenty of time to work on the books and query letter.

Being on bed rest means I also have more time to cyber-stalk agents.  That should mean my query letters are more specific.  My new plan (thanks to bed rest) is to use the main body of the query letter as a “template” for queries.  Yep, this could be good for my writing career.

Now, if I can just get past falling asleep at the computer…



2 thoughts on “Non-Book Related News

  1. Congrats! I thought pregnancy was a bit like being taken over by aliens. (I guess it is, come to think of it.)

    Hope you feel better soon! Anecdotally, I’ve always heard the sicker you are, the stronger/healthier the baby will be — lots of hormones!

    Cheers, Peggy

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