Sick Day/Doctor’s Visit

I was sick yesterday.  My brain was too fuzzy to try to come up with a post for today.  Best I can tell whatever I had was one of those 24 hour things.  I am feeling better this morning.

So, why say “Doctor’s Visit” in the title?  Easy, I’ve got a pre-scheduled doctor’s visit today.  I assure you that the doctor’s appointment was scheduled long before I picked up the bug.  I hate doctors more than I hate the dentist.  The doctor has informed me that I cannot work on my laptop during the exam.  Seriously, like either the doctor or I want to be in that office!  Oh well, I don’t remember being informed that I can’t bring paper.  I’ll just do some revision work the old-fashion way.

I promise to get back to blogging tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Sick Day/Doctor’s Visit

  1. Geepers, I hope you feel well soon! A lot of nasty stuff is going around and it’s way no fun being under storm cloud like that. Saying a prayer your fuzzy mind clears up, as well as clear out of your system.

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