Query Letter Internal Questions

I believe I mentioned that I finally found a great blog post about query letters a couple of weeks ago.  Since then I have some up with a plan on how to write the most important letter of my life.  I decided to take the questions outlined by one of the agents and turn them in to a letter.

One would think that would be easy.  Yeah, not so much.  I need to remember to let me shine through my query.  After all, this is my first impression to an agent.  I need to make sure the agent likes me, and likes my writing.

Then there are the other questions to ask before finishing the query letter.  For those agents who want to know something personal about me, do I include my blog address?  Do I really want an agent reading my blog?  What personal tidbits are interesting about me?  It’s not like I have a list of awards or even writing credentials.

Do I send my queries out via my personal email account?  Do I look more professional sending an email from my website account?  Do I look full of myself if my email addy includes my full name?  (Personally, I think the answer is “YES,” but I still asked myself the question.)

How do I personalize the query letter to each agent?  Every agent interview says “I don’t want to read something that reminds me of something I have repped before.”  Yet, they want to feel like you’ve done your homework when it comes to the agent/agency.  Obviously, writing “I love Author X, so I thought I’d query you” might make the agent think I think my writing is like Author X.  Personally, I’d like to think my voice is unique.

Why is it that the most important letter in my life is so difficult to figure out?  Is this how guys feel when they are about to pop the question?

Oh well, back to writing a query letter.  It might be ready to revise sometime this month.



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