“We Lost Your Query Letter”

That was pretty much what the latest email I got from an agency was.  The email started “Dear Author” and I was convinced it was another rejection.  As I continued reading I was confused.  The letter didn’t start out with the usual “I didn’t connect with your work” wording a rejection letter usually does.  Nope, it gave me a list of reasons that they had lost my query letter.

I guess I could be annoyed that said agency lost my query letter.  I’m not.  In fact, I will take the agency up on their invitation to resubmit a query to them.  The idea that this agency admitted that they had some technical issues that had caused them to “misplace” a few query letters makes me like the agency even more.

Adding to the fact they admitted they were human (or have poorly trained IT monkeys) was the simple apology the agency extended, along with its thanks for my patience.  I have to admit that made me an even bigger fan of the agency.

The agency is moving from my second tier to my first tier.  I am very impressed with how they handled the situation.

So, as soon as I finish the revisions and BR gives her stamp of approval, I shall take the agency up on its offer to resubmit a query.  Granted, it is a totally different book, but I shall still query them once again.

Off to go revise the book some more while I hope BR hasn’t decided she hates my writing.



2 thoughts on ““We Lost Your Query Letter”

  1. G’morning Amanda!

    You know how they say things happen for a reason? I believe this is one of them…them loosing your query letter is going to make you stick in their memory, it will in a way, set you apart from all the rest. Does this make sense?

    Remember, always vision the end of your perfect scenarios, actually visualize the words “Yes” we want to take you on….!


    • It makes sense. This also cemented the agency in my mind. There are a lot of agencies, but now I will try querying this agency during the first wave when I start querying again.

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