Life Goes On…

According to a friend of mine, we in the “Beltway” (which is huge considering I don’t live in DC) must go on after Saturday’s tragedy.  He mentioned we needed good news to lift up our spirits.  That’s when he asked how the search for an agent is going.  Um, it’s on hold waiting for SWEET SIXTEEN to be revised.  BR, my darling beta reader, is currently reading the first ten pages before she sends me an email about how bad the first ten pages are.

At the moment I am grateful BR has only seen the first ten pages.  I’m pretty sure now that the first few pages are horrible.  To be truthful, I am pretty sure most days that I will always find something in the book that needs to be revised.  I swear I figure out that I need to revise something in the weirdest situations.

Saturday Morning – before the shooting – I was lying in bed enjoying my day off when I realized I hated portions of SWEET SIXTEEN.  If I remember correctly, I just revised SWEET SIXTEEN.  I distinctly remember saying I would wait until BR mentioned she hated parts before I ripped sections out.  The best laid plans, right?

Anywho, that sent me back to revising the three scenes.  I am in the process of ripping out the parts I don’t like.  Fun!  Later this week or next I shall revise the first ten pages once more.  Anyone else get the idea I’m going to be revising for a few months?  Tell me these revisions will make the book better!

Back to revising before BR asks to see more of SWEET SIXTEEN.  That’s assuming BR wants to see more of SWEET SIXTEEN.  (Fingers crossed!)



2 thoughts on “Life Goes On…

  1. Revisions will make your story better! You sound like me, though. At night when I’m supposed to be sleeping, thoughts on how to change my second story with the same characters as The Tale of Ole Green Eyes encroach my mind. Will I not ever get rest? Yikes! Somehow, my brain does become fuzzy and I drift off. But…why, oh why, do I get inundated with ideas at the wrong time? My fingers are crossed. Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks, Cathy! It never fails that ideas come when it is not convenient for me. At least I can find comfort in knowing I am not the only one who suffers from this problem.

      By the way, I cannot wait until I get to read another book by you. I’ve got a bunch of kids who are waiting breathlessly, too.

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