Version 5 Should be Better. Right?

I took a week off from blogging last week to revise my “baby.”  My “baby” is the first novel I ever wrote.  SWEET SIXTEEN was what began my dream to become a published author.  SWEET SIXTEEN was not the novel I first sent out to agents.  Readers from the early days of the blog will tell you of my less than stellar attempts to sell another novel.  That attempt went oh so well.  I finally shelved that novel to be revised in to a new novel series at some point.

That’s why SWEET SIXTEEN was dusted off.  Since I now have a beta reader, I decided to send BR a few pages & chapters.  I looked the manuscript over one last time before sending stuff off.  After realizing I made a few grammar mistakes, a couple of “what does this scene add” mistakes, and fixing everything I could think of in Revision 5, I went from the 85,000 words to 75,991 words.  Family Sagas are supposed to be 80,000 words.

Um, I think I may have over done the editing!  Opps!  A minor mistake.  Not sure where I am going to get ~4,000 words.  But, hey, if I can cut ~9,000 words I can find ~4,000 well placed words.  Actually, I think there are two scenes off the top of my head where I can attempt to add a few words to explain the scene better.  Are they ~2,000 words each?  Not a chance.  I may try to add another scene or two that I think the book can use.  We’ll see what I decide to do.

Oh well, Revision 6 should be a masterpiece!  I have figured out how the rest of the revision shall go.

First Step: The First Page.  (Luckily, the First Page has been BR Approved.)

Second Step: First Ten Pages (Waiting BR Approval).

Third Step: First Chapter.

Fourth Step: Second Chapter.

Fifth Step: Third Chapter.

Sixth Step: Any Chapter I am having difficulties with.

Seventhish Step: The Final Three Chapters.

Then I will go back to querying agents.  It shouldn’t take nearly as long as it looks.  I figure this should take about three months, max.  That’s three months for the revisions.  Not to worry.  I am also revising the next three books and writing the fourth.  Oh, and working on the query letter and synopsis.  It should be fun!



2 thoughts on “Version 5 Should be Better. Right?

    • Of course I’ve written new novels. I’m revising a second novel at the moment. I’ve got one more done and ready for revision, and I have one I’m trying to finish. Oh, and another started. Totally not able to stop writing novels!

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