Thank You to the Voters…

Stylish Blogger Award

Or, in this case, Heather from The Menu Mama.  It would seem that Heather thinks my blog is stylish.  That or Heather somehow still likes my writing after reading multiple versions of the same story.  Heather has a great blog all about cooking.  (This is where my husband complains that my beta reader’s recipes are making my husband fat.)  Not only does Heather have great recipes, she does a weekly meal plan, and a weekly shopping list.  Go check Heather’s blog out.

Alright, down to the all important part of blog awards.  Y’all probably know how this works.  In order to accept the Stylish Blogger Award I must complete the following steps:

1)      I must thank the person who gave me the award.  (Really, it’s just good manners.)

2)      I have to share seven things about myself

3)      I must pass the award on to bloggers I have recently discovered that are fantastic so y’all will go check out their blogs.  (And might I suggest following their blogs.)

So, here we go…

THANK YOU, HEATHER!  Seriously, it’s my first blog award.  I’m on Cloud Nine!  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done this last month!  I knew I needed a beta reader, but I didn’t think a beta reader would help my writing as much as it has.

Seven things about myself:

1)      I’m the eldest of five sister, and the first four of us are in alphabetical order.  A, E, L and S.  (The last one’s middle name starts with an “X”.  Does that count?)  All of our names are “Classical” names, even the youngest.

2)      I’m a proud Air Force wife.

3)      I have worked both sides of the aisle in politics.  I go where they let me work.

4)      I love shooting guns (preferably rifles), collecting knives, and cross stitching.  I was on a shooting team when I was a teenager, and spent a lot of time at the Olympic Training Center.

5)      My middle name was picked out of a hat.  I guess I’m lucky I didn’t wind up “Amanda Stetson.”  The whole hat idea was a way to pacify the extended family.  It seems naming a child can cause family tension.  Anywho, some guy that sat next to Dad on the plane ride suggested “Nicole”.  (Dad wasn’t anywhere near the area when I was born.)  “Nicole” went in the hat and won.

6)      I love riding horses.

7)      I have a major food allergy.  Unless you want me to fall over dead, don’t give me soy or anything with peanuts.  I maintain a soy/peanut-free house.  Since soy is in almost every type of food, I make most of the food we eat.  (My husband makes the rest.)

Alright, now you know a little more about me.  I have to give this award out to some of the bloggers I like.  Urg!  I hate choosing people to give awards to.  Let’s see…  Since I can’t give this back to Heather, that means it is slightly easier.

Lisa over at Lisa’s Urban Nostalgia.  You’ll love Lisa’s creations from her artwork to her jewelry!  If you’ve read the sidebar of the blog you know Lisa as my graphic artist.  Lisa does so much more.  And she blogs about her latest creations.

Sherri over at Natural Wonders.  Sherri’s blog is all about herbal “medicine.”  I’m sure most people wouldn’t see the natural spa as “medicine,” but I think it is!  And on Tuesday, Sherri has what she calls an Artist Spotlight.  (My husband calls it “Wallet Draining Tuesday”.)

Alyssa over at The Memiors of a Samemalykate. A homeschooled kid who has a blog about being a teenager.  Alyssa blogs about everything a teenager is going through, including trying to figure out who she is.

Cathy over at Cathy Kennedy’s Stories.  My favorite children’s author.  Cathy was just published!  Her first book TALE OF OLE BLUE EYES has received rave reviews from the kids in my life.  Cathy blogs about a little bit of everything.

Go check everyone out!  And tell them you heard about them over here.


4 thoughts on “Thank You to the Voters…

  1. Thank you this honor, Amanda. I proudly accept this award and will be posting it soon to my blog naming those who I wish to share the love with. Heather is right, you know? You are deserving of the Stylish Blogging Award because you’re an awesome writer! Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, friend!

    • You’ve got a great blog, to go with a great book, Cathy! Enjoy the award and passing the award on. Thanks for the compliment about my writing. I can’t wait until I finally get an agent.

  2. Love that you are the oldest of 5 sisters, I’m the oldest of 4 sisters! 🙂 I also think it is hilarious how your middle name was picked but Amanda Nicole has such a nice ring to it! You definitely got lucky. Congrats on the award.

    • If I remember correctly, you gave me the award. 😉 Three little sisters can be cool, but tough. I got really lucky on my name. Mom keeps telling me it would have never been “Amanda Stetson,” but no one can remember if they took the tag out of the Stetson. I’ll just stick with “Amanda Nicole” for the rest of my life.

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