CHRISTMAS WISH: A Short Story – The Conclusion

Karl stood on the porch looking out across the yard to the corral.  His hands were firmly planted on the railing as he tried to figure out what he wasn’t seeing.

Hans put a hand on Karl’s shoulder to let the eighteen year old know his father was behind him.  “Did you find out where the wings and halo came from?”

Shaking his head, Karl turned to look at his father.  “The gang all said they would have sent it to the hospital.  Called everyone I could think of, and got the same response.  Everyone sent Heidi’s gifts ta St. Jude’s.”

“I figured that was where everyone would send their presents.  I didn’t know we’d be home until this morning.”  Hans responded softly.

“Somethin’ ya forgot ta tell me?”  Karl inquired of his father.

“I assure you I’m not behind this.”  Hans stated emphatically.

Karl shook his head.  “Meant about the jolly ol’ elf that rides in a sleigh powered by eight tiny reindeer.  I miss the part where ya mentioned that Santa’s real?”

Hans was silent for a moment.  “You don’t really believe…”  Karl nodded wordlessly.  “I thought we went over this years ago.”

“Where’d the wings and halo come from?”

“Someone who doesn’t want us to know who they are.”  Hans answered softly.

Karl looked less than convinced.  “Think it just might be good ol’ Santa Claus.”

Hans responded softly.  “Let’s get back inside to Heidi and the family.  Heidi is beginning to wonder where her big brother Karl is.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”  Karl pushed away from the rail.  “Merry Christmas, Pops!”

“Merry Christmas, son.”

And a very “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” to my wonderful readers.  May your own Christmas wish come true this holiday season.


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