CHRISTMAS WISH: A Short Story – Part Three

Are you wondering if Peter will get his CHRISTMAS WISH?  Will Heidi get a pair of the prettiest wings you ever did see and a silver halo?

Karl couldn’t help but laugh as he saw Peter rushing to the den.  “Wait for the invalid!”  Karl teased his baby brother.

“I gotta see if Santa brought what I asked for!”  Peter called over his shoulders as he raced down the stairs.

Following after him, Karl caught sight of Mary carrying baby Alexandria.  “How are my angels this Christmas Morning?”  Karl asked his sister-in-law.

“I’d be better if your brother was home.  I know it’s selfish, but I wish Adolph would leave the Marines some days.”  Mary sighed as she handed Alexandria to Karl.  “Did Peter spend the night again?”

“Yeah, his mama called me around one this mornin’ ta say she ain’t comin’ for Christmas.  Poor kid’s stuck with us for the mornin’.  Just hope the rest of the family’s nice ta Pete this afternoon.”  Karl answered almost angrily.

“We’ll both try to make sure they are.”  Mary looked towards the guest bedroom.  “I thought Peter would be up.”

“He’s already downstairs.  Figured ya heard the noise.”

Mary shook her head as she smiled sadly.  “I doubt Santa got Peter his Christmas Wish.”

“Me, too,” Karl sobered as he thought about Heidi in a hospital across the country.  “Kinda wish Santa could, though.  Hospital’s no place for a kid to spend Christmas.”

Mary was about to answer when Peter rushed up the stairs.  “He did it!”  Peter exclaimed as quiet as a mouse.

“Who did what?”  Karl assumed it was about the locket in the stocking.

“Santa brought everything I asked for!  Ya gotta come see!  But, be quiet!”  Peter ordered his older brother.

Confused at being ordered around, Karl was quiet for a moment.  “Slowly, and with less tellin’ me what ta do.  Why do I gotta be quiet?  Margaret Alexandria is awake.”

Without a thought, Peter glared at the baby Karl was holding in his arm.  “Why would I care about the br…?”

“You finish that statement and I’ll take ya out back.”  Karl interrupted with almost a fatherly tone of disapproval.  “Margaret Alexandria is your niece, and you’ll at least treat her with respect.”

“She’s a foster kid, not my niece.”  Peter huffed his disapproval once more.

“She’s my child, Peter Alexander.”  Mary stated in a tone that warned Peter not to push his luck.

“Just don’t ever expect me ta like the girl.”  Peter muttered hatefully.  Looking back at his hero, Peter began to bubble again.  “Pops and Heidi are sleepin’ in the den.”

There was stunned silence for a moment from the adults.  “Heidi’s here?”  Mary broke the silence.  Peter nodded excitedly.

Karl was quiet as he quickly raced downstairs.  As he ran in to the den Karl was stunned to see his father and Heidi on one of the sofas.  “You drop my granddaughter and I’ll drop you.”  Hans teased gently.  A soft smile graced the middle-aged man’s lips.

“Pops?”  Karl whispered in confusion.

“It’s her last Christmas.”  Hans felt his heart constricting in his chest as he admitted it out loud.  “I asked the doctors if this was alright.  Doctor Harel agreed that this would be good for Heidi.”

“See, Karl?  Santa brought Heidi home, and got her wings and a silver halo.”  Peter pointed to the small pair of costume wings and a halo sitting by the fire.

Karl gave his father a questioning look.  Hans shook his head slightly.  Karl wondered if his sister-in-law had bought the presents.  Mary shook her head in silent response to the question from Karl.  “Why don’t ya see what else Santa brought?”  Karl suggested to his younger brother.

Peter raced over to the stockings.  “Get Margaret Alexandria’s, too.  She’ll need your help, Peter.”  Hans ordered his youngest son.

The glare from Peter just earned him a stern look from his father.  “Yes, sir,” Peter muttered as he grabbed the baby’s stocking.  “Here,” Peter handed the stocking to Karl.  Then Peter plopped down at Mary’s feet to see what Santa brought him.

Karl bit back the sigh he felt.  “Doc Harel certain about the diagnose?”  He inquired of his father.

Hans nodded slightly.  “It didn’t work.  Heidi is rejecting the marrow.  Doctor Harel has tried everything he knows, but it won’t save my little angel.”


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