Dear Little BOT Taking My Posts…

And Day Two of the issue of this fishy website stealing my material.  Yesterday said fishy website lifted my post about them lifting my post!  Seriously, I’m not kidding here.  They lifted my post about using my material without my consent.  That is just funny.  Like rolling on the floor funny.  Lift my material about you lifting my material.  So, if y’all will excuse me letting off some steam not directed at any of my readers, I have written a letter to the website in question.  Maybe you’d enjoy the letter.

Dear BOT That Is Stealing My Blog Posts,

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Amanda Nicole Trisdale.  You’ve been stealin’ my posts as of late.  I realize you’re just an AI that obviously has a low IQ.  See, linking to my blog isn’t gonna do a thing for your SEO.  I’m not some big blogger.  Little ol’ me doesn’t have a big following of thousands.  Heck, I don’t even have a couple hundred subscribers/followers.  Now, I’m not complaining.  I think I’ve got the best followers in the world.  But, I don’t have that many.  Might I suggest trying a site with a better SEO to link to?

You’ve gotta have me confused for some big time blogger.  ‘Cause I sure can’t think of any other reason you’d steal my material for your site about apartments.  I don’t write about apartments.  I certainly don’t write about apartments in Alexandria, Virginia.  I write more about the Southwest.  Kinda a far piece from Alexandria.  The only reason to link to this blog is to improve your SEO.  And I ain’t gonna help.

Now, I’m sure when you were a little BOT your parents told ya that you could be anything when you grew up.  You probably dreamed of being a NASA BOT.  Then you went to school and realized your grades were nowhere near good enough.  All of us have those issues.  We’ve all had dreams crushed.  So now you’re just tryin’ ta show everyone how good of a BOT you can be.  I get it.  Really, I do.  But, this isn’t the way to go about it.  Why don’t you try findin’ stories on apartments for a fishy apartment blog?  Makes more sense.  Really, it does.  Or go find some big time blog to “link” to as though the work is your own?

Now, if I see this on your site today I’m gonna be a little miffed.  Obviously the email address for your employer work, as the emails I’ve sent haven’t bounce back.  But, I gotta tell ya and them I’m about ta just ignore all of this.  Maybe y’all will go away when ya realize I ain’t helpful to you.  Then you can get right on back to annoying other bloggers and writers.  I won’t stand in your way.


Amanda Nicole Trisdale

PS: Little BOT, I really feel for you being used just to steal things.  It must be tough.  But you should be told that BOTs don’t go to jail.  They get hard deleted.  That’s a death sentence for a hard working BOT.  And I’m sure you’ve got a BOT wife and little BOTs depending on ya.  A life of crime is just not a good choice.  Think about the consequences, because the humans just get slapped on the wrist.  So, who is really out on a limb here?  You.  And for what?  Nothing, really.  Are the humans going to take care of your little BOT family?  I highly doubt it.  So make the right choice and turn away from this life.  You have a family depending on you.


3 thoughts on “Dear Little BOT Taking My Posts…

  1. Geez, Amanda…you crack me up. You know the day I’ve had, and still you can make me laugh. Love the sarcasm!

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