Guest Post: My Family Thanksgiving

Yep, you saw that right.  We’ve got a guest today.  Our first guest is Kathy Thomas.  It’s not quite fiction, but I thought it might jog some ideas out there.  Don’t forget to comment below.

As I approach my true nature, now a woman of 50, I sit in wonder that my family is intact and that we care about one another. I remember the insanity of trying to cook a meal for 20, while working full time, going to College and single parenting. Now that my children are grown and have families of their own I am sensitive to the work involved in a big get together. Thanksgiving is always our meal time holiday, probably because we have learned to adapt.

Did I mention I was a single parent through all the Holidays but a few? Does anyone else remember the baking until 2:oo a.m., the Turkey glazing that started at 5:00 a.m. the next day… the potatoes that were skinned and mashed, the sweet potatoes, the marshmellows I forgot, the ginger I needed a little less of, the oven that never turned on… oh and remember when the dog dumped the entire dinner on the floor getting tangled up in the table cloth?

Yep! Family holidays. And the best part is getting up the next day after a “day off” to go to work. That meant a lot of clean-up Thanksgiving evening.

Things have changed. The biggest being that we all do holidays together. Four kids, spouses, extended family and friends all pitch in. Because there are so many spousal  and extra households to partake in, my four kids and I get together and have the now famous Thanksgiving Breakfast, where everyone wears jammies, just like when they were little.

Now we start with coffee, maybe some coffee cake. My grandkids run around silly and the grown-ups all crowd with them around a big wooden table to have pancakes and fruit salad, homemade waffles, bacon and sausage, omelets by our omelet chef, my daughters husband and we sit back laughing and relaxed. We all do the dishes. We hug each other. We go off to all the other places we are destined to visit in this one very special day.

My grandkids can be picky eaters, but no one is EVER picky at breakfast. Ever notice that? Breakfast is just wonderful comfort food and what better way to start the day than with the household of children I raised. Give Thanks you say? I just never know quite where to start, however I always know where to sit. Right there, in the bosom of my family.

I hope your Thanksgiving gives you back those precious memories that make us who we are- that it is filled with peace and laughter and wonder.

Happy Flippin Pancakes! Thanksgiving breakfast ROCKS!

Kathy Thomas is a Native of Florida, living a quiet simple life in a small town on the east coast. After wandering around in an RV for a while as a Park volunteer the muse kicked in. Kathy is a musician, songwriter, Reike Master, Poet, and a grandmother of 5 which leaves her wide open to life. Check out her blog at


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