NORAD Tracks Santa Is Back!

Today is the 1st of December.  That can only mean one thing.  NORAD Tracks Santa is back!  For those poor souls who are unaware of what I am talking about, I pity you.  NORAD has been tracking Santa ever since 1955.  What happened that year was an accident.  Sears placed an ad in the Colorado Springs Gazette for children to call a number to see where Santa was.  Someone goofed and printed the direct number to the Continental Air Defense Command (NORAD before the Canadians).  The Colonel on Duty that night told his staffers to give children the current location for Santa Claus.

Shockingly, this was a big hit for the kids.  After all, NORAD (or its predecessor) has the ability to track everything.  Why can’t they track Santa?  Needless to say, the guys and gals at Cheyenne Mountain got together with the Jolly Ol’ Elf and had a little chat.  Santa understood the need for kids everywhere to know exactly where he was on Christmas Eve so they could get in to bed.

How does NORAD Track Santa?  Well, it seems that Rudolph has a glowing nose.  Rudolph’s red nose gives off a specific radiation frequency.  That frequency allows NORAD to track Santa’s movements.  Nowadays, it seems that is a necessity.  Our boys and girls in the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force need to escort Santa at times along his journey.

(Well, you don’t want Santa’s sleigh landing at the White House to set off warning bells!  That’d just be horrible.  “Tonight F-16s were scrambled due to an unauthorized flight in the DC No-Fly Zone.  The US Air Force ordered a man in a reindeer powered sleigh to the nearest airstrip, where authorities detained the jolly old man.  More on the morning news about why presents were not delivered to good kids in most of the United States and Canda.”  Seriously, that might just get the Canadians mad!)

So, do yourself a favor and bookmark NORAD Tracks Santa for Christmas Eve.  And then go check out the coolness of the website.  Each day between now and 24 December a new game will be unlocked!

Oh, and NORAD Tracks Santa just might find its way in to one of the short stories I’m working on for the blog.  Just sayin’ it is a possibility.

-Amanda Nicole

PS: I still haven’t received any short stories.  If anyone has one ready to go, send it my way.  They can be sent to amanda(at)amandanicoletrisdale(dot)com.  Since this is open to everyone of any writing level don’t feel it has to be professional.


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