I Got A Cool Holiday Banner

Before we get back to the inaugural Amanda’s Blog Holiday Short Stories, allow me to point out the new holiday banner!  If you are reading this post via email or a reader do yourself a favor and head over to the blog.  You’ll see a cool new banner.  That wonderful blue & white snowflake perfect for holiday banner is by none other than Lisa Clark over at Lisa’s Urban Nostalgia.

If you’ve been around a while you probably remember Lisa from her guest post over here.  That was back when Lisa was just a jewelry designer.  Not that Lisa was ever “just” anything.  Now Lisa is also selling her prints.  While you are trying to finish your Christmas shopping you should head over to Etsy and check out Lisa’s jewelry and her prints.  Lisa fills orders exceedingly fast.  Oh, and Lisa does custom orders!  Trust me when I say, you will love Lisa’s work.

Anywho, when I decided to do Holiday Short Stories I emailed Lisa.  I knew Lisa was busy, but as long as I was thinking about a new banner for next year’s Holiday Short Stories I thought I’d put the bug in Lisa’s ear.  (Seriously, I did not expect the banner to be up this year.)  Two emails later, and I got “Let me know if this works for you.”  Um, well, yeah, but I was totally not trying to be pushy and get the banner for this year.  I’m not gonna complain!  It really is a beautiful banner, and just wait until you see the banner for Christmas Eve!  Lisa is a wonderful artist and a great friend for doing my graphic artwork.

We now have part of our tradition!  One Holiday Short Stories Blog Banner is in the bag!  Personally, I love the snowflakes on a blue background.  Then again, my favorite color is blue!  Now, on to those stories.  Remember, I’m accepting stories until 22 December, but if you’re done earlier I’ll take stories now.  Submit your story to amanda(at)amandanicoletrisdale(dot)com.  Tell your friends about the Holiday Short Stories and get them to write one.

So, enjoy our banner!  And if you want to feel Christmasy during the year, the banner will be up on the website (www.amandanicoletrisdale.com) all year long.

Head over to Lisa’s blog at http://bit.ly/h2LEcP and her Etsy store http://etsy.me/hM1nEi to learn more about Lisa and finish your holiday shopping.  I think Lisa needs to branch out to include custom web banners in her body of works.  What do y’all think?

-Amanda Nicole

PS: Don’t forget to tell Lisa what you think of her work!  Comment below.


4 thoughts on “I Got A Cool Holiday Banner

    • I just have to sing Lisa’s praises every so often since Lisa’s a sweetheart. That or I’m trying to get Lisa to start another branch of her business creating graphics for blogs.

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