Thanksgiving Eve: The Conclusion

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  What better way to relax after shopping the Early Bird Specials than the final installment of “Thanksgiving Eve”?  Don’t worry!  I’ve got you covered.  Hope you all enjoyed the story.

Don’t forget it is your turn now.  Holiday Short Stories start December 1st.  Get those stories in now!  Or bug your friends in to submitting stories.

Part Four

There was someone watching her sleep.  She knew that without even bothering to open her little blue green eyes.  “Petew,” Alexandria whispered tiredly.

“Got an ‘R’ not a ‘W’ at the end of my name, Lex.”  Peter teased his niece.

Soft black eyelashes fluttered opened.  “I twied to stay up to talk to Santa, but I fell asleep.  I’m sowwy.”

Smiling, Peter reached over to mess with Alexandria’s unruly hair.  “Don’t feel too bad.  Pops talked ta Santa for ya.  Set the record straight that I was just tryin’ ta make my little sister happy.”

“Does Santa undewstand youw my bwothew, not my uncle?”  Alexandria asked softly.

‘Girl is always gonna have trouble with her Rs.’  Peter thought before answering.  “Turns out ol’ Santa’s always  understood.  He had Mrs. Claus write ya a letter.  Now, I ain’t read this here letter, but I bet it’s real important.  Why else have Mrs. Claus write the letter?”

Blue-green eyes glared up at Peter.  “I can’t wead.”

“Could read it for ya if you’d stop hogging the bed.”  Peter suggested.  Alexandria rolled over.  Smiling, Peter situated himself on the bed.  Alexandria snuggled up against his side, laying her head on his chest.  Kissing her hair, Peter put an arm around his niece.  “Dear Alexandria, Both your grandfather and Uncle Karl spoke to Mr. Claus and me last night.  We are aware of what happened.  To risk being on Santa’s Naughty List just to see his sister smile, well, there is nothing more worthy of a Christmas present from Mr. Claus and me.  Don’t worry, Alexandria.  Peter will receive a Christmas Present.  Perhaps you could let me know what Peter really wants, since my records show no letter from Peter Zeidrich.  Love, Mrs. Claus.”

The bedroom was silent for a moment.  “Wow!  Mws. Claus wrote me!”  Alexandria finally said in an impressed whisper.

“Sure did,” Peter smiled down at the girl beside him.  “Still worried?”  Alexandria just nodded.  He had not gone to all the trouble of going to the “North Pole” to have a worried Alexandria.  “What are ya worried about?!”

“Mws. Claus said you haven’t sent Santa a lettew!  We’ve gotta send one wight away!”  Alexandria hopped up and ran out of the bedroom.

“Whoa,” Hans said as he knelt in anticipation of catching his granddaughter.  “Where’s the fire?”

“Petew’s gotta send Santa what he wants!”  Alexandria exclaimed as she ran straight in to Hans’ arms.

Standing with his granddaughter in his arms, Hans looked more serious than he felt.  “Your pa is falling down on his job.  Santa won’t read Peter’s letter today.  He’s in New York City for the Macy’s Parade.  If you and Peter go up to the den, you can see for yourself.”

“Pops?”  Peter was confused to say the least.

“Go watch the parade on television.  My girls are in the kitchen, but they left their children over at Sadie’s house with those boys of mine.  I thought you two might need time together.”  Hans explained to his youngest.  With Alexandria in the room, Hans didn’t want to elaborate on why the older Zeidrich Children and Peter needed to be separate.

“Might just go write a letter while watchin’ the parade.”  Peter said before taking Alexandria from his father.  “Let’s get that letter written.”

“Suwe, Petew!”  Alexandria looked excited as Peter carried her to the den.

The den was not empty as Hans had thought.  Karl sat on one of the sofas watching the Macy’s Parade.  “About time, you two.  They’re about to cut the ribbon.”

“We gotta write a lettew!”  Alexandria exclaimed as she jumped out of Peter’s arms.  The girl ran over to her favorite uncle.

“Paper’s on the coffee table, and a couple of crayons.  Ya can write it durin’ the commercials.”  Karl pulled Alexandria on to the sofa with him.  “Ya can sit on the floor, Kid.”

“Whatever,” Peter said with a shrug.  He noticed the sausage cheese balls and pumpkin pie sitting on the coffee table.  “Lot of food for one man.”

“Not enough food for a growin’ boy, a little girl, and a hungry cowboy.  But, we can make do.”  Karl looked towards the door of the den.  Hans was standing in the doorway looking almost shocked.  “Santa didn’t leave me any cookies.”

Hans just smirked at Marty’s son.  Alexandria had left the cookies for Santa, not Karl Bob Zeidrich.  If Santa had shared the cookies with Hans it wasn’t Hans’ fault.  Besides, Hans was not about to turn down cookies.

Watching from the door, Hans couldn’t help but smile.  The three “kids” in the room were munching on food.  Karl and Alexandria were giving Peter helpful pointers on how to write to Santa.  Peter’s wish list sounded more like what Alexandria would like.  Hans would make sure Santa brought what he could to Peter.  Hans could promise Alexandria Peter would get something better than coal from Santa.  Hopefully, next year would not see a repeat of the tears and fears this year had seen.  Good ol’ Santa didn’t need the drama.


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