Thanksgiving Eve: Part Three

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!  I know you’re busy with family and friends, turkey and football, but I’m still going to post today’s installment of THANKSGIVING EVE.  One more installment tomorrow that you can read after surviving Black Friday Shopping!

Part Three

Peter Zeidrich was pacing the length of the apartment’s living/dining room.  Karl Bob Zeidrich sat on the sofa watching his brother pace.  The room was quiet as Peter practically wore a path in the floor.  “Alright, Pete, what’s the problem?  Get in a fight again?”  Karl finally broke the silence.

“With Adolph!”  Peter spat angrily.

“Not usually a big deal.  Happens a lot.”  Karl pointed out in a brotherly tone.

Stopping, Peter whipped around to glare at his older brother.  “He chewed me out in front of Lex!  Said he was gonna make sure Santa didn’t even bother ta bring me coal!”

Smirking, Karl couldn’t resist the urge.  “Thought ya knew about Pops and Santa.  See I’ve gotta teach ya about the relationship…”

“I know that!  Lex don’t!”

“Doesn’t,” Karl corrected.  The glare the just made the twenty-two year old chuckle.  “Lexi’s as smart as a whip.  She’ll understand.”

“Don’t you dare…”

“Lexi will understand that her daddy is just slightly possessive of things that were his mama’s.”  Karl interrupted with a glare of his own.  “Gesh, Kid, give a man a chance ta talk before jumpin’ him.  I ain’t the rest.”

Sighing deeply, Peter went back to pacing.  “Adolph told me Santa does a dry run on Thanksgiving Eve, and he was gonna wait up ta tell Santa what I deserve.”

Hearing that, Karl stood to his feet.  “Well, if I know my niece, Lexi is gonna try ta stay up ta talk ta old Santa.”  Karl said as he began to walk to the door.

“Where are ya goin’?”  Peter yelled after his brother.

“Not ‘me’, but ‘we’,” Karl called over his shoulder.  “We’re gonna go talk ta Mrs. Claus.  Figure that a nice little note from Mrs. Claus oughta put Lexi’s mind at ease.  After all, Lexi knows how this family works.  The women folk are in charge.  They just let us believe we’re in charge.”

“Mrs. Clause?”  Peter hurried after his brother.

“Woman who lives with Santa.  Woman who actually checks the list ta see who’s been naughty and nice.  You’re mama really did a horrible job teachin’ ya things.”  Karl tossed his truck keys to Peter.  “Drive.”

“To the North Pole?”  Peter’s look got across exactly what he thought of the idea.

“Trust me, Santa lives close by.”  Karl looked as serious as he sounded.  “I’ve been workin’ all day.  Government’s breathin’ down our necks, and I’ve gotta keep the family safe.  How ‘bout ya just quit lookin’ like I’m tryin’ ta add ta that long day?  Get in the truck, and I’ll give ya directions ta Santa’s place.”

Peter raised an eyebrow.  “You’re insane.  You know that?”

Nodding, Karl got in his truck.  “I’m lettin’ ya drive.  That should prove I ain’t got any sense.”

Peter got behind the wheel of the pickup.  Silently, the fourteen year old began to drive down the dirt driveway to the dirt county road.  He hoped the North Pole wasn’t as far away as it was on maps.



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