Thanksgiving Eve: Part Two

I know y’all have been waiting breathlessly since yesterday for the second part of Thanksgiving Eve.  While you are cooking those dishes you can have pre-cooked for tomorrow’s feast, enjoy Part Two.  I think it shows a little more of the complexities of the Zeidrich Family.  Hopefully, you enjoy this installment, too.

-Amanda Nicole

Part Two

Adolph had to admit his father looked less than thrilled with him.  Sitting in his father’s private suite, Adolph waited for Hans to speak.  “Want to tell me why my granddaughter thinks Santa thinks Peter is bad?”  Hans asked in a harsh whisper.

“The kid popped off ta me.”  Adolph leaned forward.  “Didn’t know he’d run off ta Lexi.”

“I highly doubt Peter told Margaret Alexandria anything.”  Hans corrected his older son.  Fourteen year old Peter and Alexandria were closer than most siblings.  Yet, Hans couldn’t see Peter involving Alexandria in any situation where Santa might be informed to bring Peter coal.  If Peter got coal, Alexandria would insist she deserved coal.

“Had ta tell Lexi.  How else would Lexi know what I said?”  Adolph countered in a whisper.

“Where were you when you and Peter had this discussion?”  Hans inquired.

“In Mama’s Garden.  The kid was out there, near Mama’s fountain.  Told him the garden was my mama’s garden, not his mama.  The kid should know better than to set foot in Mama’s Garden.”  Adolph bit under his breath.

The den was silent for a moment as Hans processed what Adolph said.  Peter and Adolph had different mothers.  Adolph’s mother was Hans’ one true love.  Marty died when Adolph and his brothers were just tykes, leaving a grieving husband to be both mother and father to one daughter and six growing boys.  Hans remarried, but Marty’s children never accepted Mandy as part of “our family.”  Peter had accepted the fact.  After Peter’s mother was shot before his eyes, Peter suddenly understood how sacred a mother’s favorite things were.  Peter would never trespass in Marty’s garden.

The reality hit both men like lightening.  Shooting to his feet, Adolph began to pace.  “Lexi asked him ta meet her there!”  Adolph exclaimed in a whisper.

Nodding, Hans concurred with his fourth born child.  “Peter knows better than to go to Marty’s Garden.  Yet, I’m pretty sure Peter would ride through hell and half of Texas just to see his niece smile.”

“She isn’t his niece!”  Adolph barked protectively.  “Lexi is my daughter.  Know I ain’t got a paper that gives her my last name, but that girl,” Adolph pointed towards the closed bedroom door, “is my child.”

There were days Hans regretted letting his children think Peter wasn’t part of their family.  “I never said Margaret Alexandria isn’t.  Peter’s my son, just like you.”

“No, he ain’t!  He’s Mandy’s son.  Means he ain’t just like me.  He sure ain’t my brother, which means he sure ain’t her uncle.”  Adolph snapped hatefully.  Stopping, Adolph turned to his father.  “He ain’t my brother.”  Adolph’s tone was even and low.

The Zeidrich Boys had inherited their stubbornness from their father and their mothers.  “Peter is Margaret Alexandria’s uncle.  I’ll fight you on this one.  Margaret Alexandria wants Peter in her life.  She’s made a different decision than you have, Adolph.  If you can give me one good reason – other than the fact Peter is my son from my second marriage – that Peter shouldn’t be allowed near Margaret Alexandria I’ll back your play.  Otherwise, I’ll back my granddaughter.”

Huffing, Adolph admitted to himself that the argument was lost.  “You tell that son of yours ta stay away from Mama’s Garden, even if Lexi wants ta meet him there.  He’s lucky I’m not Karl Bob.  I’ve got qualms about hittin’ one so young.”

Hans watched Adolph storm from the private den.  Waiting for the door to shut, Hans sighed deeply.  “I only hope Karl Bob remembers Peter is a young’un.”


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