Thanksgiving Eve: Part One

No updates today, just part one of my short story.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Her eye lids were fluttering in an attempt to stay awake.  Hans Zeidrich couldn’t help but chuckle as he lifted her off the sofa in the family den.  “Shouldn’t you be in bed, sweetheart?”

“Waitin’ for Santa.”  Her voice was just as sleepy as the rest of her.

“Santa?”  Hans inquired as her head rested on his shoulder.  She just nodded slightly.  “That’s a while off, Margaret Alexandria.”

Four year old Margaret Alexandria Houston shook her head.  “Da told Peter that Santa comes tonight.”

“Santa comes tonight?”  Hans asked as he began to think of a way to punish his son.  Adolph was an adult, which meant punishment would be harder.  Still, the young man knew better than to lie to his daughter.

Alexandria nodded slightly while fighting sleep.  “‘Santa has to make a test flight.”  Adolph’s voice was unusually quiet as he walked in to the family den.  “I thought you were in bed, baby.”

“Waitin’ for Santa.”  Alexandria explained again.

Taking his daughter from his father, Adolph looked serious.  “Cookies, milk, seems like a good start ta a Santa visit.  Thing is, Santa’s rather partial ta little girls bein’ in bed when he comes.”

“How am I ‘posed ta explain it to Santa?”  Alexandria asked softly.

Both men exchanged looks.  “Explain what?”  Adolph inquired softly.

“How Petew wasn’t bad.  Ya just told Santa that ta be mean ta Petew.”  The child managed to whisper.

Smiling, Adolph thought on his feet.  “Pops is my pa.  That means ol’ Santa’s gonna visit Pops tonight ta talk about if I’ve been good or bad all year.  Same thing with Pete.  Sure the old man will steer Santa right.”

“I will.”  Hans was serious as he took his granddaughter back.  “And Santa never comes up here to the family den when he comes to see me.  Santa comes to my suite.  Since you are already spending the night here, why don’t you sleep with me tonight?  Maybe you’ll get to see Santa.”  Alexandria nodded slightly.  “Alright, Margaret Alexandria, let’s go wait in my private den.”

With that, Hans carried his foster granddaughter to his room.  “Santa” would make an appearance on Thanksgiving Eve this year.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve: Part One

  1. I like that beginning, though the name is a bit long…the li’l girls….Looking forward to reading more….I like how you “hint’ that the family is complex by saying “Foster granddaughter”….

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. One of the things I am thankful for is having met you, I know mushy huh? I just get the feeling that you are a genuine person.


    • I think Margaret Alexandria agrees that her name is too long. Luckily for her, most people think of her as just “Alexandria”, and even that gets shortened by a lot of people to “Lexi.” But Hans insists on calling his foster granddaughter by her given name. I’ve got to put a family tree on the blog, not just the website, to show the complexity of the family.

      Ah, it isn’t mushy. I will admit to blushing right now. I am really glad we met, Sherri. I really appreciate all of the positive comments and the cheering you’ve done for me this past year. Thanks so much!

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