The Dream Rejection

Rejection, again.  This time from one of my dream agents.  Depressing in so many ways.  At least it only took the agent three hours to realize he/she didn’t connect with my query letter.  There was the swing of emotion.  Hurt and sad, quickly replaced by having fun.

(Okay, we were with friends when the rejection came in.  Nice timing, if I do say so myself.  The food was great.  The alcohol selection was magnificent.  And to make it better, it’s right next door, so I can drink and not worry about a designated driver.)

Then back to feeling rejected in the morning.  Which is probably not the way to go Christmas Shopping.  (Yep, I’m still stuck on my grandmother-in-law, but I think I have it figured out.)  A nice little trip to Hobby Lobby that was a lot cheaper than it could have been later, and I was slightly less upset.  (Never, ever take your husband to Hobby Lobby and let him near the “Models” section of the store if you’d like to have money in your bank account.)

And (drum roll here, please) I am not going to post an update on my agent search for the rest of the week!  Between having a tooth filled (yuck!), prepping for Thanksgiving and coming up with a plan for Black Friday I will be a little busy.  Instead of updates on the agent search, y’all get a Thanksgiving Short Story!  Enjoy, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

-Amanda Nicole

PS: So, shortly after the dream agent became the “not dream agent” a friend sent me the info on another agent, who has now become my dream agent.  New dream agent = Happy Amanda Nicole!



2 thoughts on “The Dream Rejection

  1. Just don’t throw in the towel. You gotta keep on keepin’ on with your queries to get to the “right” agent or publisher. My fingers are still crossed for you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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